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Ask WNZ: On Chris Jericho & AJ Styles

As most of you have noticed, hopefully, we have AJ Styles and Chris Jericho engaged in what is quietly one of the better programs going. As we look for a probable Fastlane match, and hopefully a WrestleMania one as well, we give our takes on the feud.

Dorathy Gass:

I’m not sure what to think about an AJ Styles/Y2J feud. I know that, so far, they’ve had some pretty incredible matches. I also know that Jericho is great at helping younger talent get over. This is definitely a program to help AJ Styles get his feet wet within the WWE, show him how television and pay-per-view matches flow; and there is no one better within the company to help teach him the proverbial ropes (pun intended), than Y2J.  I don’t think this feud will go down in the WWE history books, but it is one that will be a solid stepping stone for Styles, as he works his way up the WWE ladder. It will also offer some pretty good matches as well.

John Deegan:

Call me crazy, but this one sure feels like a passing of the torch. Which, I will grant you, does sound somewhat crazy, because Jericho isn’t exactly super old. But he also doesn’t work full time anymore, and has not for a while. But he’s one of the best in the ring, as well as on the mic. AJ could be as good, or better. And while Styles isn’t some 22 year old new guy-clearly, he’s paid his dues, and he’s established himself outside WWE-he can be what Jericho does not want to be anymore. That is, a full time worker.

Beyond that, I think this will be one of the better programs. Calling it a feud seems inaccurate, because it’s not nasty or personal or anything like that. There may be some snark, for sure, but I think at the end of the day, what we have is two very talented wrestlers who will work well together and we, as fans, benefit. In a perfect world, this would translate into a really excellent WrestleMania showcase match. I’d personally love an Iron Man match, but I doubt we get it.

Joseph Lisnow:

WWE pairing Chris Jericho and AJ Styles couldn’t really go wrong. The two men involved had careers in different companies, but their style and place of learning (overseas) were similar. With Jericho wrestling on-and-off with no set schedule, it’s best to get this feud out of the way before it never materializes. This is one of those pairings where nothing can go wrong and the winners are the participates and fans. I don’t care who wins on Sunday as both have entertained me for weeks. Maybe in a year, these two can revisit; but as a tag team this time.

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  • Lisa

    Jericho is such a selfless guy. He’s gonna put AJ Styles over at Fastlane.

    • El Marichachi

      I’m gonna put the bag over your face cuz I’m a selfless guy too.

      • Lisa

        Shut up, El Torito.

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