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Ask WNZ: On Jinder Mahal And Heath Slater

It’s been hard to miss Heath Slater, and now Jinder Mahal. As soon as the Draft wrapped up, Slater was campaigning to be the hot free agent (he wasn’t even the first one signed). So what’s to be made of these guys?

Dorathy Gass:

I think the entire set up between Jinder Mahal and Heath Slater on the August 1st edition of Monday Night RAW was simply a way to introduce Mahal back into the WWE. I don’t foresee any feud or program moving forward between these two; however, I’m wondering how much longer they will play the angle of Slater not being drafted into either brand. The concept was interesting at first, but now seems to be getting old.

John Deegan:

At first, it was groan worthy. I mean, 3MB were jobbers personified, and Slater must have had pictures of someone that he managed to hang on when none of his “band” mates did. Right?

Except, here’s the thing. Slater is, of course, in good shape. So is Mahal. Slater does something fairly well that too many WWE talents are lacking-he’s got charisma and he’s actually pretty solid on the mic. Not like a mega-star, but he’s better than some guys who could be bigger stars if not for their mediocre speaking and energy in promos.

So, for a couple of guys who never caught much more than enhancement talent type breaks? They could be enjoying their biggest pushes ever. Not saying it’s a huge push, mind you, but it’s entertaining and it’s some semblance of a push, so they will take it.

Joseph Lisnow:

Heath Slater will continue his free agent gimmick until he gets a lucky win and is signed by RAW or SmackDown. I wouldn’t be surprised if Slater’s win comes against a top superstar like Randy Orton, though he’ll need help from someone like Brock Lesnar. Jinder Mahal has never impressed me as a wrestler. Slater works as a jobber, but not Mahal. I imagine these two might feud for a few weeks; maybe a month tops. Come October, these two should be in different storylines. Don’t look for either to win gold. WWE needs jobbers and that’s their part in the New Era. It’s not too different from the previous role.

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