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Ask WNZ: Who Knocks Off Charlotte?

Or, will the games newest dirty player, hold on and become the longest reigning Divas Champion ever?

Dorathy Gass:

I really do think Sasha Banks will beat Charlotte at Wrestemania 32, and capture the WWE Divas title. I think Charlotte has been a good champ, but I don’t foresee anyone breaking Nikki’s title reign, anytime soon. Charlotte is still relatively new to the WWE, and to hand over an honor like that, just doesn’t seem likely, at this point in time. With the fans really behind Sasha right now, passing the title on to her come Wrestlemania time, just makes sense.

John Deegan:

I am less concerned about who beats Charlotte or when, as I am with hoping that Becky doesn’t become the odd woman out of the equation.

That being said, the smart money is on Sasha Banks. Things are trending in that direction, so it’s a fairly safe bet. But what I’d love to see? At Fastlane, Becky squares off against Charlotte and we get a controversial finish, which somehow leads to WrestleMania having a Divas Championship three-way match in early April. I really don’t know how we get there, but I think with this group of Divas,  we would be able to get a really good (possibly great) three-way match-especially if they use it elimination style, as opposed to first one to get a pin wins.

Beyond that thought? Hands down has to be Sasha.

 Joseph Lisnow:

My top two picks to take the Divas Championship from Charlotte are Sasha Banks and Bayley. While they might get the next crack at the title, don’t look for the title change to happen in the near future. If the WWE wants to make Charlotte the centerpiece of the divas division, she needs to hold the belt close to a year—like Nikki Bella nearly accomplished before her.

The longer Charlotte keeps the title, the greater odds that Bayley is the one to dethrone her. Banks is certainly ready to be champion, but is the WWE ready to make that decision? By waiting, it allows Bayley to drop the NXT’s Women’s Championship and gain some experience on the main roster before inserting her into the title picture. I like Banks and Bayley will both where gold in the next year or so. Since Banks has been on the main roster longer, I guess she gets the nod of Bayley.

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  • Si Nicholls

    Prefer it to be Paige, but wouldn’t be unhappy if either Becky or Sasha win the title next, but in my view anyone of those 3 should hold the belt for at least a year even if swapped between them and then include Bayley in the mix when she is promoted to the main roster and have tag team belts for the midcarders like Charlotte, Bri, Summer, Emma, Tamina, Foxy, Naomi etc

    • biz

      Lol Charlotte isnt a mid carder.

      • Si Nicholls

        I know, its just wishful thinking lol

    • Damian Starr

      the division isn’t large enough to accommodate tag teams let alone storylines for them

      • Si Nicholls

        It is if the story lines didn’t last a week as they do atm, if they could put together a compelling story for the title between 3 or 4 diva’s and it grew organically that story line could last a year, starting the night after this years Mania and finishing up in the pay off match at Mania 2017

        • Damian Starr

          If’s and but’s mate, won’t happen any time soon!

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