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Ask WNZ: Who Leaves Battleground As WWE Champ

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Direct enough, right? Battleground is this Sunday. Dean Ambrose is walking in with the gold, but considering it’s a triple threat match, will he walk out with it?

Dorathy Gass:

I get a sense that the birth of another major title is on the horizon, more specifically the World Heavyweight Championship. I think whomever wins on Sunday will be holding the WWE Championship; and another title will debut on which ever show lacks a top-tier title. Having said that, if WWE brass really wants to elevate SmackDown, then continuing their push of Dean Ambrose, and giving him the win – which would be major considering how long people have waited for a Shield Triple Threat match – would be my strategy. The title goes to SmackDown, Dean’s current momentum of popularity continues, and SmackDown gets the first set of bragging rights within their ongoing rivalry … they need it after all. Then, debut a title on RAW. It could simply be given to Seth Rollins (and then he would truly be following in the footsteps of mentor, HHH), and that could easily re-ignite a feud between him and Roman Reigns (which just seems like the direction they are going in anyways) … or hold a tourney … which would be a nice watch, depending on who the contenders were.

John Deegan:

There might be three guys involved in the match, but this one boils down to either Ambrose or Rollins. I don’t consider Reigns an actual threat, outside of if he becomes a heel and helps Rollins win (which I think would be a smart play, but that’s another story). I actually thought, based on the ending of RAW, that the match would go in with no one holding the title, but things got figured out and Ambrose enjoyed a decisive and clean win on Tuesday’s first Live SmackDown. I think for now, it makes sense for Ambrose to keep the title and keep it running on SmackDown, but  I really wouldn’t be surprised if Stephanie bends Roman’s ear, saying he could help RAW become the far and away top brand, by helping Seth bring the belt home to RAW. No matter what, thanks to the brand split, this whole thing is as clear as mud for the moment.

Joseph Lisnow:

Either Dean Ambrose or Seth Rollins is walking out of Battleground as WWE Champion. A month ago, I would think Roman Reigns had a decent shot but this whole Wellness Policy violation and still not getting over might have impacted his push as WWE’s face of the company. Ambrose has been a good champion to date, though it’s tough to judge as he’s mostly battled Rollins. Since returning from injury, Rollins continues to look spectacular and will be WWE Champion again. If it happens at Battleground, is up for debate. I say give Ambrose at least another month with the title and let’s see how attendance and WWE Network subscriptions look. To take the belt off Ambrose this quickly, it would make him look like a paper champion and I don’t think that’s the case for the “Lunatic Fringe.”

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  • jcice13

    I would have Rollins win the title, they teased it on RAW, and then he lost on Smackdown legit, so maybe they’re throwing a swerve? and if would be a good thing since Rollins is on RAW and Ambrose is on smackdown, and aren’t they going to have their own champ on tuesday nights???? so if they have Ambrose and he’s hiding the title belt that RAW will be using then it makes sense Rollins wins and they move into the “new?” era that way, now they should have had just 1 champ and he could go from show to show but that makes too much sense for the WWE, now are they having a women’s on smack down too???
    just my own opinion but the 3 major belts men women and tag team should be the floaters, you can have the IC on one and the US on the other a cruiserweight on raw and a TV title on smackdown

  • ‘Drowen Hart #NN #NBNC ?????

    I’m split between Rollins and Ambrose.

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