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Ask WNZ: Liking Vaudevillains Being Handed #1 Spot?

With the injury to Enzo during their match at Payback, we weren’t able to witness who’d win the match and earn a shot at New Day. Instead, on the following RAW, we learned that The Vaudevillains were indeed awarded the title shot, slated for Extreme Rules. So how do you feel about the decision?

Dorathy Gass:

Without really knowing what the outcome would’ve been before Enzo’s Payback injury, I have no problem with WWE making the Vaudevillains #1 contenders for WWE’s tag team titles. Storyline or otherwise, it really does make sense, as technically they get this match by default. For all I know, this might have already been the plan. Even if it wasn’t, considering the circumstances, who could really blame them? Creative has struggled with injuries this past year, so handing the Vaudevillains the match at Extreme Rules seems like the logical move. I mean, they are heels, and The New Day are faces; so it would be easy to build a program around this, heading into the next pay-per-view.

John Deegan:

Unless WWE was going to reboot the whole tournament, I think it was the only move they had. I presume (and suggested) a Vaudevillains win heading into the event anyways, and I think it’s a smart play. I also think WWE wanted to wait until after the tests were all done, on the off chance that Enzo could have come back sooner-to either make it a 3 team affair, or to resume the match for the #1 spot. That they went in this direction tells me we probably won’t see Enzo until late May or June, and honestly as much as I will miss his talking, I am fine with it. Rather he be coming back later and healthy. Bigger question now is, how much of a shot do The Vaudevillains have…but that’s a question for another week!

Joseph Lisnow:

I was not a huge fan of this decision. WWE had plenty of time to alter their plans, even if they don’t include Enzo or Big Cass. The WWE might have paired two random wrestlers, found a tag team who didn’t compete in the tournament (maybe from NXT or people who have been missing from TV as of late) or give an already eliminated team a second chance. For weeks, WWE had this tournament and the finals came down to the four newest wrestlers on the main roster. This allowed both teams to be seen as threats and candidates for tag team gold. Since RAW passed and New Day didn’t defend their belts, it’s another reason this match could have waited. A tournament was designed to introduce fans to new tag teams out of NXT and likely prepare New Day to drop what they’ve possessed for months. The tournament’s ending was scary and served no real point. This match should have helped all four wrestlers; instead, fans were treated with the wrong decision by WWE and one call which would ultimately ruin the entire tournament.

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  • Bite Me You Loser

    The WWE must have been real nervous about Enzo’s injury to have just stopped the match like that. Most of the time they would have the lone continue without him.

  • Lord Stevie REGAL #blublood

    WEll the stories coming out is that the Vaudevillains were supposed to win anyway, and Enzo & Cass were to continue feuding with the Dudley’s after the Dudley’s would have cost them the #1 spot.

    So either way we are still getting the end result that was planned, just minus the Dudley feud for now.

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