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Ask WNZ: How Long Til Reigns Is Officially Heel?

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Week after week, he’s getting booed worse and worse. So, in spite of winning the WWE Championship, and supposedly being a top face, can Roman Reigns stay there? Should he? How long until he could or should become a storyline heel?

Dorathy Gass:

I actually don’t think he will turn heel anytime soon. I thought he would post-Mania with the whole, “I’m not a bad guy, I’m not a good guy, I’m THE guy statement”; which he keeps using, and it’s kind of getting lame.  Still, Cena 2.0 is proving to be just that. If Reigns continues to make strides with the younger demographic, and fails to connect with other demographics, specifically adult males, who also happen to dominate the live RAW shows in certain cities and PPVs; he may fall into the same trap Cena has, where he simply can’t turn heel. I’m not saying it will never happen, but I’m just saying I don’t see it happening anytime time soon.

John Deegan:

This is where WWE cannot screw around as they did with Cena. Meaning, they have a golden opportunity to turn Reigns full-on heel, and he will be hated by far more than he’d win over. Now, I am not saying he could be a heel for the ages, but I would certainly give it a go. It’s not like he’s setting the world on fire as a supposed top babyface, so what do they have to lose? From my perspective, very little.

Or, putting it another way, they cannot afford to not now, or ever, turn Reigns. They held that course with Cena, and a huge number of fans feel that was a mistake.

Plus, it’s not like he can’t ever be flipped back.

Joseph Lisnow:

Unlike John Cena, Roman Reigns is destined to represent the company and turn heel. It’ll happen when he facing one of his former Shield members. As of now Seth Rollins is still a heel and Ambrose has been a face since the group split, so their status could change at any time. WWE could have Ambrose continue to team with Reigns. After one of their many tag matches, Ambrose would have had enough of coming in second and snaps. The Lunatic Fringe goes to work on Reigns; wrapping a chair around his neck and coming off the middle rope. That spot always draws heat. As for Rollins, he could return as a heel and member/friend of The Authority. WWE could then do the double turn. Reigns keeps spearing Rollins during a match but he won’t stay down. The fans turn their back on Reigns for being relentless and Rollins gains respect.

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  • Mean Dean

    Am I the only one who hopes Reigns either fails a drug test or gets arrested for drunk driving

    • Fat Owens Fat

      Unsurprising for a guy who was hoping for ISIS to destroy the wrestling arena a few months ago. Kudos to you sir.

  • Fat Owens Fat

    Not more longer than you editing the article’s title and adding another L to the “Til”

  • Mike

    I think the heel turn is going to come slowly. The whole
    I’m not a good guy line, that’s a start. It might come at ajs expense or he might keep facing face challengers until he eventually just destroys one of the very popular faces, could even be ambrose. Then he will turn. Reigns is no cena, he isn’t as charismatic or as good on the mic. He is a star
    However, and is destined to be among the top stars for years, the heel turn will help that.

  • josh

    With the way fans are acting towards 2.0 he is never going to be a full face. It just won’t happen. He can face all the heels on the roster at once and still get booed. They rushed him. If they would have taken their time and built him up naturally then it might have worked but it’s too late now. He will never be a full on face.

  • Crazy_Victor

    It will happen when we have a Shield reunion (maybe to confront Balor’s club). Then, it will be Reigns who turns on his brothers and become a heel.

    • Someguy

      ( ?° ?? ?°)( ?° ?? ?°)

  • Buss da 6’1

    He’ll be in the rocks shadow forever remember how long it took for the rock to get over so hopefully he can switch gears like that because for Cena 2.0 he’s nowhere close in the charisma dept hate Census all you want but he belonged on the mic in the Rock promos if it was Reigns Rock would have to be like he was on be cool and do both sides of the convo

  • Lord Stevie REGAL #blublood

    Well like it or not Reigns is heel right now, or on the cusp of being full on heel. The heel commentators support him (Lawler/JBl), the face ones are unsure what’s up. His promos are cocky and arrogant (heel), especially a couple weeks now he is coming out saying he doesn’t care what anyone thinks, he is the man, all that matters is the title etc etc (heel traits, not something even Cena does).

    So yeah the heel turn is full on. WWE is just testing the waters right now with various aspects of his potential heel character to see how he does be fore they go the full way. But it is coming.

    I have spoken !

  • Joshua Daniel Cooke

    He needs to go away for awhile and come back for a reset away from title picture.
    I think WWE needs to start acknowledging the TNA guys they are bringing in and are on the hunt for, as TNA guys (not too long ago they refused to even consider someone from TNA and you were dead to them if you left WWE to TNA). Theu mention japan and roh but not TNA. I feel like I agree with the idea of your article but I dont feel it. I feel that there are people on this roster who have proven they are worthy of being on top (like ziggler for ex. ). WWE is telling the most talented to dumb it down in order to push the less talented. Daniel bryan had that issue all through his wwe career until the fans had enough and made WWE acknowledge his greatness. With Aj Styles (the TNA cena), Samoa Joe, and Austin Aries (the TNA CM punk), around with more coming like Eric Young and Bobby Roode (the longest reigning TNA champion in history). Its almost insulting to have their accomplishments stripped away essentially and have them announced as rookie well known on the indepenent scene. I mean having AJ styles portrayed as a rookie barely beating mid carders and losing against Jericho (which isnt awful but isnt good either as jericho will never hold a WWE championship again and honestly is losing his touch). Tna says WWE all the time on Tv so why cant WWE say TNA. Aj styles/ Cena feud better be happening and fucking inevitable. AJ needs to be WWE world heavyweight champion by this time next year. So much A+ talent being forced to bow to Roman reigns?! give me a f—ing break!

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