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Ask WNZ: Looking Forward To Fastlane

With Fastlane only a day away, we keep this one simple. What are our writers looking forward to at Fastlane?

Dorathy Gass:

I’m looking forward to the Kalisto versus Alberto Del Rio, two out of three falls U.S. title match. With Sin Cara back from his injury, and Kalisto and him appearing in tag team matches, I’m really curious to see how this ends. On the one hand, Kalisto has nothing else to prove to the WWE Universe; he’s already a two-time U.S. Champion, beating ADR twice, and putting on some incredible matches while winning (and losing for that matter). However, should ADR win the match, (which I’m thinking he will) the two out of three falls, will offer him some assurance that he is still viewed as a top-notch competitor. It also would tie up lose ends with Kalisto as a singles competitor, allowing him and Sin Cara go fully go back as a tag team. Either way, I think the fans are in for a real treat with this match on Sunday.

John Deegan:

The Kalisto/ADR match should be really good, and I think it’s a shame it’s been relegated to the pre-show.

Outside of that match, I am looking forward most to the Kevin Owens/Dolph Ziggler match, and perhaps Charlotte and Brie. I think these matches have had good buildup, and now in the Owens/Ziggler match, there is now a championship belt at stake. I think Brie won’t win, but I expect some things to happen in that match which should set up ‘Mania, and if done right could make that match very memorable.

Joseph Lisnow:

The Fastlane card looks okay. It’s nothing special and seems to be like any other PPV card the WWE produced in 2015. Instead of going with a match, I actually want to see the Edge & Christian talk show. There are a few reasons for this odds choice. For one, the WWE hasn’t overused Edge & Christian like they have with other retired talent (i.e. Ric Flair). Put these two best friends in a ring with a microphone and they could entertain for an entire hour; plus, they take a quick pose for those with flash photography. With their guests being New Day, who have no match on the PPV, it makes me think WWE is setting up their WrestleMania tag title angle on the talk show. In what could be a first, I’m more invested in a talk show segment than an actual match with WrestleMania only five weeks out.

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