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Ask WNZ: Looking Forward-SummerSlam

This one is simple enough: what are our writers most looking forward to from SummerSlam?

Dorathy Gass:

Title matches and headliners aside, I think one of the newer matches I’m looking forward to is the six-woman tag that was recently booked, pitting the SmackDown ladies against each other: Carmella,  Becky Lynch, and Naomi versus Natayla, Alexa Bliss, and Eva Marie. I’ve said it before (minus Eva) the women of SmackDown are simply killing it lately, and with more than one program going on right now, they are telling some fantastic stories. I’m looking forward to seeing the NXT ladies debut on a main roster pay-per-view (SummerSlam, no less!), and just how the match will unfold in general. I hope Eva doesn’t dampen their momentum though, which is the only thing that could ruin this match … and probably will.

John Deegan:

While I don’t think it will come anywhere close to being the best match of the evening, I actually find myself looking forward to Orton/Lesnar a great deal. Now, part of this is because Lesnar is just a spectacle to behold, but I think a lot of it is a testament to how these two built toward their showdown. They took a match that, as far as I know, no one has really been asking for or dreaming of, and really put together a program that sold me on the match. Outside of this match, I think the overall card has come together nicely, and it will be fun to watch.

Joseph Lisnow:

Seth Rollins vs. Finn Balor. I’m not sure if these have ever fought before, but their styles seem to mesh so well that it should be match of the night. This whole time I figured Rollins would be the first Universal Champion, but the odds say otherwise. If WWE goes ahead and gives Balor the belt this quick, it’s truly a New Era. So, predictability is out the window as two of the best in the company battle for the title; which makes this match even more special. The whole card is stacked, but the winner here will show if WWE is ready to promote a new batch of superstars.

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