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Ask WNZ: Which Makes Most Compelling Main Event Choice?

At the end of the RAW following the Rumble, Stephanie McMahon announced that the number 1 contender’s spot would be determined by way of the main event at Fastlane, a match to be between Brock Lesnar, Dean Ambrose and Roman Reigns. Of those three, who makes the main event of WrestleMania most compelling? Or would you go with “other”?

Dorathy Gass:

If HHH is still the champ by Wrestlemania, I think the most predictable choice for Fastlane’s main event winner is Roman Reigns. At the end of the day, anything could happen, but I see the Wyatts getting involved in the match, eliminating Lesnar (which sets up a match for them at Wrestlemania); then Reigns pins Ambrose. I’d be fine with that outcome, and Wrestlemania match to be honest. Now if we want to look at another scenario, seeing Lesnar versus Triple H does not seem viable; simply because we has seen it so many times before. There is also no real ‘bad blood’ between these two currently. However, if the powers that be had a change of heart, and potentially looked at Ambrose to main event with Triple H; that would make an interesting match up. However, I simply do not see that happening. It’s clear that Reigns and HHH need closure with their feud, and it seems like all the arrows point to Wrestlemania.

John Deegan:

I kind of want “other” here, but the only way that happens is if we have someone drop out due to injury (sadly, that’s been happening a lot), but if one of the trio was to drop out due to an injury, I have a hunch WWE would make it a one on one match. We know there won’t be Money In The Bank coming into play, unless WWE brings that back to ‘Mania again-which I doubt, but anything is possible.

So, the easiest choice is Roman. He has the beef with Hunter, and The Authority. So, to me, this feels like WrestleMania 30 and  Daniel Bryan all over again, where WWE screwed him over constantly leading up to the big day, and finally he was able to climb the mountain and get his WrestleMania moment.

Except that the fans aren’t going as crazy for Roman as they did for Bryan. Not even close.

Brock and Hunter have a history, so setting them up for another match would be fairly easy. But I do expect Brock to wind up chasing the Wyatts.

Which leaves Ambrose. Dean would be somewhat new, and if his matches turned out like his program did with Seth in 2015, then we, as fans. would be getting a nice match to watch. But of the three, I see WWE least likely to go with Ambrose in the main event of the biggest show of the year.

The problem here-and there is absolutely a problem here-is that a great number of fans don’t want to see Roman win. Or, if they don’t mind him winning, they are also tired of the shoving of Reigns. To the point where, in a Regins-HHH match, you could arguably risk unwillingly turning Reigns heel, because he’s not who the fans want to see winning. Not saying it will go that route, but Reigns does not have the traction with the fans that Bryan did in 2014.

Joseph Lisnow:

Since Triple H is champion, he has a longer relationship with Brock Lesnar and a more recent one with Roman Reigns. Yet, Dean Ambrose should be given the nod to win at Fastlane and secure his ticket to WrestleMania 32’s main event. For the past year, Ambrose has been in the title picture and always misses out. People don’t notice because he doesn’t complain the next night on RAW in a 20 minute opening segment.

He was unable to defeat Seth Rollins in their brutal Money in the Bank and Hell in a Cell matches. Then, when Rollins fell to injury, Reigns was made the guy while Ambrose again held the spot of number two. He didn’t win the Survivor Series tournament and after taking a beating in the Last Man Standing match, Ambrose made the final two of the Royal Rumble. He almost made Triple H’s two feet hit the ground and he nearly won the title. Ambrose’s story is about coming so close every single time, only for the likes of his (ex) brothers Reigns and Rollins to get in the way. The “Lunatic Fringe” winning is not farfetched.

I don’t think “other” is an option. The WWE is lacking names that can sell the WrestleMania event.

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  • MEH

    Funny was just having a similar conversation with my brother just hours ago. I’m not a massive Ambrose fan but would really like him to win this one just to freshen things up a bit. WWE is getting stale especially with the injuries and the usual go to guys pulling the freight. Ambrose would be a welcomed change. If other is possible please get Taker to challenge as his and HHH Mania matches were always great and he’s the only person whom I have any interest in seeing in the ring with HHH.

  • Si Nicholls

    I hope its Reigns V’s HHH as I have no interest in seeing either of them in the ring, so at least it would put them into 1 match that I could just not watch, and then hopefully the rest of the card is dynamic and carries Mania for me

  • MEH

    Just rethinking things through and thought of a gem. Perhaps do things completely different as this Wrestlemania card is already suffering to me by all the injuries etc. Why not have the Divas “I hate that word!) as the main event? Think I’m more interested and invested in seeing Sasha vs Charlotte or even if they threw in Becky and Paige in the mix, rather than seeing HHH defend against Reigns or Brock. If Ambrose wins fair enough as it’s different.

  • Mean Dean

    For some reason I have a feeling that Brock and Taker will team up to take on the Wyatts at mania , as for the main event, let’s just hope, that reigns doesn’t win the belt, if he makes it that far, cuz it might turn into the worst wrestlemania main event ever, in front of a record crowd

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