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Ask WNZ: What ‘Mania Match Do You Most Want To See?

Yet another one we are keeping simple. Heading into WrestleMania, which match do you most want to see?

Dorathy Gass:

It’s a toss up between Shane/Taker and the Divas Triple Threat for the title.  I’m curious to see the outcome of HIAC (in light of the new stipulation), and whether or not they will close the show. The Shane/Taker match itself is sure to be incredible itself.  When it comes to seeing the ladies, I too am curious to see the result; and see these three women hit an incredible milestone in their careers. The truly are revolutionizing women’s wrestling, and depending on how well this match plays out; these women might be one step closer to realizing other dream: closing a Wrestlemania event one day.

John Deegan:

Styles and Jericho, I think, is the easy answer. Based on what they’ve done already? This match should be very entertaining, and given how it’s almost forgotten on the card, I have a feeling this one steals the show.

Outside of this match, I think I am intrigued by Hell In A Cell-neither man is physically capable of doing the insanity that each has done in the past, so it will take a masterful effort on the part of both men, in order to really make this one work. The Cell can only mask so many deficiencies.

And I am exceedingly curious to see how WWE wraps up Hunter and Roman. Not so much the match itself, as the way things have played out has me somewhat ambivalent to the match. More curious to see if they change course and keep it on Hunter, or if they remain stubborn and put the belt on Roman once again.

Joseph Lisnow:

This WrestleMania has been up and down. Just when it looks like the WWE will have to fold and call this event a dud, they start booking some above decent matches. Still, I’m all about the Hell in a Cell. Fans don’t see Undertaker or Shane McMahon wrestle often, so this seems like a one and done type match. Plus, fans are actually torn on who is going to win. I’ve checked many sites and the polls have Shane as a slight favorite. If Undertaker loses at WrestleMania and thus can’t compete at the show again, a legendary era in the business is over. Or Taker could win and we could start this idea of retirement all over again next year. My guess is outside interference, but Undertaker somehow leaves the victor.

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  • Si Nicholls

    Lesner/Ambrose & the divas triple threat — closely followed by HIAC and Styles/Jerico – the rest of the main card I’m fairly meh about, no emotional attachment at all

    • Zack

      I second that. Kinda nice that the divas match is one to look forward to.

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