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Ask WNZ: How Many Titles Change Hands Sunday?

Heading into Extreme Rules, we are getting a number of title matches, and each looks like we actually could see a title change. So, we asked the staff: how many changes do we see?

Dorathy Gass:

I see two title changes, maybe three. I believe the Intercontinental Championship will change hands, and I’m hoping it’ll go to Sami Zayn. I also see the Tag Team Championships moving back in time, and heading in the direction of the Vaudevillians. I’m on the fence about Rusev becoming United States Champion; and only really, because Kalisto and Sin Cara are a tag team, and how much longer can Kalisto rail through larger competitors? His ‘David versus Goliath’ story angle has been interesting, but is now starting to fizzle. There has to be more to this competitor than just this type of storyline. However, if the idea is a continued to push for Kalisto, then chalking up another win makes sense. I’m not a fortune teller, but I do not foresee the Women’s Championship or the WWE World Heavyweight Championship changing hands … although I welcome that possibility in either match.

John Deegan:

I will say two, possibly three. In my eyes, the two safest title holders are, or should be, New Day and probably Charlotte.

I think Rusev captures the US title. Kalisto gets some cheers, but he’s not insanely over, so I see no compelling reason for him to hold onto the title much longer. As I detailed in a separate piece, I think a Rusev win here makes sense, and possibly sets up for a Cena/Rusev program in short order.

I think the Intercontinental title changes hands too. I think this is the easiest one to call, because Miz doesn’t move needles or put butts in seats, not even with his addition of Maryse (who, I feel, has added incredibly little to the program). Odds are strongly against Miz in this one, as it’s 1 on 3 and he doesn’t need to be pinned to win. I won’t predict here whether he gets pinned, but I am saying he won’t be winning.

My third would be the possibilty of the WWE Heavyweight title. I think WWE could do something where Styles wins, Reigns gets a quick rematch and he reclaims it. Something like that. Because I do expect Reigns to hold onto it, or at least be in possession of it, when Rollins comes back.


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  • Mike

    I see one maybe two. Rusev i think will win the title. I think the miz may see his reign end too. Also I take issue with the end of this article, wwe could really accomplish something with styles winning. But then you say reigns could quickly reclaim it. Wwe would accomplish nothing there. Styles would get a nothing token title reign no longer than 4 weeks maybe a lot shorter. Reigns would again not have a real reign and then become a 4 time wwe champion in no time at all. The fans boo reigns even more because he takes the title quickly from styles and the wwe get chastised for giving styles a stupid little token reign and just bumping up Romans title reign number. It would be bad in every way. If styles wins which he won’t, he needs to have a good reign. However reigns will win and move on.

  • Mark B.

    I think Rusev and Natalya will both become champions this Sunday. We could see the Vaudevillians win, but I believe its too soon. They have not really proved themselves yet. A lot of people don’t know who they are. Reigns will stay champ, because he get more boo’s then AJ Styles get cheers. And HHH loves that. Plus HHH will be looking for Reigns soon.

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