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Ask WNZ: Match With Highest Hopes?

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Or, put it another way, which of the matches at Extreme Rules are our writers expecting the most out of?

Dorathy Gass:

I’m probably looking forward to three matches the most. The fatal four-way is going to be fantastic, and probably the one the WWE Universe will be buzzing about the next day. I’m really interested in seeing the outcome to the Women’s title match, it’ll be some awesome wrestling, but moreover, betting odds are that Charlotte is going to win, and I wonder how she will pull this off without her dad in her corner. Lastly, I am looking forward to the main event. While my gut says Roman Reigns will win, there’s always that chance that AJ Styles could walk out champ, and the program all around between The Bloodline and The Club has been rather intense. Not to mention the fact that Payback’s match between Reigns and Styles was phenomenal; so I’m looking forward to see these men take it to the next level at Extreme Rules.

John Deegan:

On one hand, there doesn’t seem to be  a lot of matches on this card, but many of them should be really good. For me, I have highest hopes for two of them.

First, the Asylum match. Jericho and Ambrose have had a nice build up to this point, and we are getting one of the few really extreme matches of Extreme Rules. In  theory. Now, in the build up, Jericho kept reminding us that he was extreme, possibly alluding to his time in South Philly. Except that, while he was there for a nice run, he wasn’t one of the more notable extreme wrestlers. When I think of ECW and extreme, I can think of a whole bunch of guys before Jericho-not a knock on Chris, just more a point that his extreme credentials aren’t second to none. That being said, we get a cage filled with weapons, something we don’t see too much of. And, I think one or both of these guys have to bleed. Sorry, but this one just begs for it.

Second, I am going for the tag team championship match. I am favoring the New Day here, but I think there is a real chance for a title change too. Either way, I am hoping beyond hope that someone in Creative gives these teams like 20 to 25 minutes to really tell a story. I just think it’s time for us to get a longer tag team match, one that could be seen as a match of the year candidate. I know I ask a lot, and I bet this one ends up more in the 12 to 15 minute range-which, honestly, could still give us a really good match. But I think these guys can do more, and I think it’s time to see them shine.

Joseph Lisnow:

Either the fatal four-way or Chris Jericho vs. Dean Ambrose. As long as the Asylum match gimmick isn’t too strange that could win. On the other hand, all four men in the IC title match have been working hard the past two months. If push came to shove, I’d say the fatal four-way.

Everyone involved has or could be WWE Champion someday and this is watching them make that transcend. If WWE gives them 20 plus minutes, they can and will steal the show.

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