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Ask WNZ: MITB Match Most Excited For?

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Just days away, with the card pretty much set now, it’s fair to ask: which of the matches on the card are you most excited for?

John Deegan:

I could go with two matches here, and they are two of the three I expect most people would be picking.

Option 1, of course, is the Money In The Bank match itself. 6 men, only one of whom has ever won the match. Ladders. This one ought to be good. It will be, in my opinion, a pretty bold statement for the so-called New Era, because unless Del Rio or Jericho wins it (and there are better odds for one of the other four winning), we will get a completely new face. Someone who hasn’t held the Championship before. That’s pretty exciting, so it’s hard not to really be excited for this one. It’s effectively it’s own championship belt, sort of. It is a pretty big deal. So it’s exciting to see who is booked to win it, and then wondering how they will be booked following the event, in terms of teased cash-ins and such.

Option 2 is the hyped AJ Styles versus John Cena clash, but for me this lands here not so much because of the match-which I think will be quite good-but because of the extracurricular activities I am expecting. Yes, I am well aware that Styles signed the contract on RAW, stating The Club would stay away. But we all know that is a literal loophole. It implies only currently known Club members. It does not say anything about future additions, such as one recently deposed former NXT Champion, who we could assume said his good-byes at the end of TakeOver:The End. Is it so crazy to be excited by this match, for the possibility of Finn Balor’s WWE Main Roster debut?

Joseph Lisnow:

I agree with John. Money in the Bank and AJ Styles vs. John Cena are the clear favorites. The MITB is interesting because only one entrant (Chris Jericho) has been WWE Champion; so, someone may only be a few steps from reaching main event status. All six men in the match could deliver in a standard contest. Toss in a ladder and briefcase with a WWE title shot on the line and expect to be amazed.

Cena vs. Styles might not be a dream match like WWE is hyping, but it’s interesting. The timing is perfect as there’s no clear winner at this moment. Cena hasn’t fought in a high profile match in over six months. At the same time, Styles is just entering this heel role. Both need the win. I’m more excited about this match because Cena and Styles will bring the best out of each other; and that’s wrestling.

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  • Mike

    Alberto deal Rio is a 4 time world champ. Two of those reigns were wwe championship reigns. Do your research. The wwe title match is going to be fantastic as well. Those Three huge matches are the ones I am looking forward too. But number one for me is cena v styles.

    • Deano Wilkins

      You would hope someone who writes about wrestling would know something like this.

  • Zack

    Jerry Lawler suspended for domestic assault with his 28th fiancé. Cmon WNZ, suppose to be first with the breaking news smh

    • Mark B.

      I think he was going anyhow, with SmackDown going live. WWE don’t feel its best for business taking a chance on his health.

  • Mark B.

    Alberto Del Rio as Money In The Bank winner and maybe new champ. Plus I expect the return of Ric Flair.

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