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Ask WNZ: The Miz Underappreciated?

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Easy one, folks. Miz is the reigning Intercontinental Champion. He’s made that title a frequent part of his ring attire. But he still may not be held in such high regard. So, simple enough: Is Miz underappreciated?

Dorathy Gass:

By the office or by the fans? By the office, certainly not. The Miz has been given considerable opportunities by the WWE over the years, both inside and outside the ring. As I write this, he’s 163+ in his current Intercontinental Championship reign. He’s done it all within the company, with an impressive resume: WWE Champion, two-time US Champ, five-time IC Champ, four-time WWE Tag Team Champ, two-time World Tag Champ, and Mr. Money in the Bank for 2010. Under appreciated with the fans? Maybe, I guess it depends on who you talk to you. There are some that see the Miz for who he is. He may not be the best wrestler in the WWE, but he’s entertaining and he certainly knows how to garner heel heat. Some may find him annoying, or dislike what he does in the ring. But underappreciated? I think as fans, we either like or respect a superstar or we don’t. And everyone has their favorites¬† – which is really just a matter of opinion.

John Deegan:

Yes, but for good reason. Outside of a couple portions of his career? His character-the development of it, writing for it and such-has been lacking.

When he ascended to the top, as world champion? He was brash, he was arrogant. He pushed all the right buttons on all sorts of different people. It worked. And then, perhaps because he didn’t draw as champion, he fell out of favor. But, really, is it so bad?

I mean, he’s on pace now to possibly have more IC Title reigns than anyone else. Ever. Which, like it or not, believe me or not, would put Miz in the Hall of Fame. But until recently? His persona was uninspired again. No one cared.

Now, I don’t know if it was because Maryse came back, or someone remembered how he got over years ago, but someone got him back on track. His tirade on SmackDown GM¬† Daniel Bryan was perfect, and I think that if Miz can build off of that, he might actually be worthy of becoming a top heel.

But honestly? I think Miz is working on a career where he won’t be fully appreciated until the boots are hung up and its HOF time.

Joseph Lisnow:

At first The Miz was unappreciated. Then he started to gain steam when he became Daniel Bryan’s mentor. He followed that by winning Money in the Bank and the WWE Championship. Then, he pinned John Cena in the main event of WrestleMania. A month later, The Miz was back to being treated like any other mid-card wrestler.

Once Maryse returned, we saw a rejuvenated Miz. He’s been a great Intercontinental Champion and Maryse deserves credit. His latest storyline with Bryan might be his best work to date. The Miz is mocking Bryan for not being able to wrestle anymore, which has to touch a nerve; he’s building his stock off Bryan’s career-ending injury and I don’t see anything wrong with that. It’s cheap heat and it doesn’t seem mean spirited; plus, it’s how the business works. The Miz isn’t WWE Championship material, but deserves the Intercontinental title.

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