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Ask WNZ: How Much From The Club?

Young Bucks
Today, at Extreme Rules, we get to enjoy an anything goes match between AJ Styles and Roman Reigns. And because of the stipulation, we expect to see involvement between The Usos and The Club. But how much, specifically from The Club?

Dorathy Gass:

It’s hard to say really, Gallows and Anderson have made no bones about simply walking down that ramp, and interfering in any past matches that Styles has had; and perhaps they will, in the end, be the downfall (storyline wise) of Styles gaining WHC gold in the WWE. Or perhaps it swings the other way, where they cost Styles the chance at the WWE title because they turn on him, and Finn Balor debuts. So many differing scenarios (much like at Payback). I do expect them to play some sort of role, I do believe there will be a twist in the closing of the main event match, and the closing of the show, and I expect to see Anderson and Gallows play a huge role in all of this.

John Deegan:

How much do I expect? Too much. How much should there be? Not as much.

I say I expect too much based on the weeks leading to Extreme Rules. These six have been all over one another, so why should we expect Sunday to be any different? I don’t. But, in what would be typical WWE booking, I could see hardly any interference being booked. Which would just be bizarre. But, welcomed, too, because I think winning a title in such a match just cheapens it. If you can’t win it one on one, why should we be happy for a guy who can win when it’s 3 on 1? Yes, I know it’s all part of the booking, but as fond of AJ Styles as so many are, I think his first WWE title reign should be from a hard fought singles victory requiring no interference.

That being said, I think the outside interference in this one actually costs Styles the match.

Joseph Lisnow:

I think both stables will be involved equally. If The Club is to have a bigger impact, then Finn Balor needs to debut. It’s certainly possible with all the talk going on for months. I’m not sure where he would fit in the mix. Who would be the leader?

If the WWE wanted to go a step further, they’d have someone else from the current Bullet Club join. Maybe the WWE has secretly signed Kenny Omege or The Young Bucks. It be like an invasion angle. Even with all the outside inference, Roman Reins will walk out champion.

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