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Ask WNZ: New Day As Faces

I have to believe it’s safe to call New Day babyfaces now. The turn has been slow, and sometimes stalled, but it appears that Creative has fully invested in it now. So what do you think?

John Deegan:

I loved to hate New Day, and some things they do I still don’t care for. But I recognize that I am in the minority there, and I also recognize that a trio that got tossed together a while ago, has evolved into a cohesive and very much “over” unit. Fans love them, they work well together, and they’ve been great for the tag team division. But one thing that had bugged me with them, is that for months, you’d get New Day rocks cheers, fighting with New Day sucks cheers. You’d have guys like Edge and Christian interacting with them, but with E & C usually getting the last laugh. A lot of the booking was done with the mentality that New Day were heels, but the crowds weren’t buying it.

But now? After the beating on RAW at the hands of a team that no one doubts is fully compromised of heels? There can and should be no doubt, New Day are babyfaces. And I am willing to keep an open mind and enjoy them as such. I will say, regardless of my feelings toward the team or about the team, what I can absolutely appreciate? The turn itself. I don’t get how WWE can pull off a turn like New Day’s so well, and so badly flub the Roman Reigns babyface push. Same company, same intent, vastly different results.

Joseph Lisnow:

I thought New Day would make great heels at first, but they got over as faces on their own. They didn’t need creative to get them over. The stable seemed to be getting obnoxious when trying to play the face card. It’s one of those strange moments; where something is so annoying that people eventually make it a fad. It’s similar to Steve Austin’s “What” and Daniel Bryan’s “Yes!” chants. Neither were designed to get fans behind them, but over time people got into the chants and now we hear them each week. The same rule applies to New Day’s catchphrases and antics like playing the trombone mid-match. I don’t think they’ll reach the level of Bryan and Austin, but that’s nearly impossible.

New Day’s interaction with the Freebirds at the Hall of Fame showed how the three have reintroduced the Freebird Rule. Fans seemed to enjoy that aspect of the Hall of Fame ceremony. It was a unique rule that lost its following over the years. Hopefully, the rule makes a comeback for years to come.

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  • Lisa

    Those three guys are as entertaining as f___. Kudos to them for turning a seemingly stupid gimmick into gold.

    • IM MAD JOHNSON #NewNation

      Damn a positive comment ? Never thought I’d see the day

  • Mike

    They almost blew the roof off the place at mania! I love these guys. Every time they come down, I am entertained.

  • Bite Me You Loser

    When WWE came to Santa’s town last year they were still heels facing off against the face tag champs O’Neil & Young. The crowd was pretty much all New Day fans. They tried to be annoying but the fans kept cheering.

  • IM MAD JOHNSON #NewNation

    Aaaaaaayyyyyyeeeeee WE WANT SOME NEW DAY

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