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Ask WNZ: New Looks For The Shows

As you’ve all hopefully seen by now, RAW and SmackDown have received a bit of a makeover to accompany the brand split. So, what do our writers think of it?

Dorathy Gass:

All in all, I like the new look (and feel) of both brands. What I like specifically: the post-match interviews, the fact that RAW’s commentators aren’t at ringside (adds a different feel to things, and kind of reminds me of Nitro back in the day), and the fact that SmackDown is live. I also like the fact that the shows are back-to-back. As someone who reports on the WWE, its easier to write about things and have topics figured out, early on in the week, rather than later (wonder if that was another strategic factor of moving to Tuesdays, the media in general). Having the shows back-to-back will also help with storylines, once inter-brand feuds heat up.

What I don’t like: both logos. Sorry, but the graphics are terrible. Both show intros are okay too – but nothing to write home about. Still, as long as I’m being entertained, which I was, not having amazing logos and intros, aren’t the end of the world.

John Deegan:

I would say my feelings are tepid. Maybe a bit better than that. I think the new logo for RAW was and is horrible, but the accompanying graphics aren’t as bad. I think SmackDown’s look was a bit better. Neither was awesome, however. I do like what RAW did with the announce position, and feel that SmackDown is hanging a lot of it’s change on the fact that it’s now live-which is no small thing, but it still leaves me wanting more.

The in-ring interviews post-match are a novelty which can be fun, in small doses. But between the two shows, it felt at though we had a lot of them over the last two days. I don’t mind it on occasion, but I think I prefer the backstage post-match interviews instead. Doing it in the ring following the match, in my eyes, just comes off more contrived. Maybe that will change a bit as they are done more regularly, but for now I am not a fan.

I think, with all the talk of changes, I expected a bit more. But, short of coming up with like, new color schemes and going really crazy, I don’t think there’s a lot that could have been done.

As long as the actual booking remains entertaining, that’s the most important item anyways.

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