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Ask WNZ: Next To Challenge Sasha Banks?

So, with this one we are presuming that Sasha has a successful title defense at SummerSlam, and that WWE moves to inject someone new into the Women’s title picture. But, with that in mind, we’ve asked the writers: who should Sasha feud with next?

Dorathy Gass:

If everything is good between this talent and the WWE , and if she gets cleared come August 15th, I’d really love to see Paige thrusted into the title race picture. Simply put, I miss seeing her on television, in storylines, on pay-per-views, etc. She may not become the next WWE Women’s Champion; but it would be nice to see her in a program, at the very least. Honorable mentions go to Bayley (with a main roster debut, but that would be sticky, since Bayley makes a great face and Banks being face works well right now too – but their history and friendship would make for a solid program). I think a returning Nikki Bella might be a great fit, and an excellent program around these two could be old era versus new era; and Bella could further help strengthen Banks’ championship reign by losing the feud.

John Deegan:

If Naomi hadn’t gone to SmackDown, I really would be leaning toward her as a brief, transitional program. Because, I think that’s what Sasha might warrant-something a bit less major to run through the late Summer and early Fall,before things heat up at the end of the year. So it has me wondering if there might be some sort of injury angle that knocks Charlotte out, and we see Dana Brooke steps in. I think this scenario makes some sense, and the more I think about it, it makes a bit of sense. Or at least seems less crazy.

The long shot for me would be Nia Jax, because I do think it’s too soon for her. But at the same time, WWE has certainly been building her up, so having her lined up to challenge? Not the craziest idea out there. Certainly makes more sense to imagine Nia as champion, as opposed to Dana Brooke.

Joseph Lisnow:

With Sasha Banks just winning the title and likely the rematch against Charlotte at SummerSlam, she needs a new program. Nia Jax, Bayley and Nikki Bella are likely to claim the belt next; but, WWE should feed Banks some talent who won’t be champion this year. I’d rather see Sasha go on a winning streak for a few months before facing future champions like the three names listed above. Dana Brooke and Paige could stretch storylines with Banks for a few months. Then by the time the Royal Rumble hits, Sasha’s reign with the Women’s Championship would have shown she’s no paper champion and it’s time to debate giving the title to someone new.

I think Nia Jax is being built as the next champion. Bayley is a tossup because I feel she will go to SmackDown as WWE wants to hold off on her facing Banks for as long as possible. Nikki Bella’s neck injury might make it impossible for her to be champion again as she won’t be able to work a full time schedule. Come WrestleMania, don’t be surprised if Nia Jax is wearing gold.

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