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Ask WNZ: Nia Jax & Women’s Championship

Here’s one for our writers: As Nia Jax grows into her main roster role, considering the hype she’s been given, how long before she challenges for the title?

Dorathy Gass:

I personally think it’ll be quite awhile to be honest. It wouldn’t be good for the Sasha Banks or Nia Jax characters, if Jax were to challenge Banks anytime soon. Both ladies need to be placed in a new program, after all the newness of this draft dies down and SummerSlam is over. As a new champion, Sasha needs to be placed in another program; something fresh from Charlotte. As a new main roster talent, Jax should continue with these jobbers, then post SummerSlam maybe placed in a program with say an Alicia Fox or Summer Rae. Nothing heavy either. Perhaps a Tamina returns and challenges Jax. As Wrestlemania nears, that would potentially be a good time for Jax to challenge the Women’s Champion … whomever that may be.

But placing Banks against Jax anytime soon, would only hurt one of these talents, either way, in the long run.

John Deegan:While she’s certainly gotten a lot of attention, with the old school hype, entrances and initial matches, right down to the jobbers we all remember from 80’s Saturday morning Superstars,  I don’t think it indicates she’s revving up for a title shot. Far from it.

The reality is, right now Sasha is top woman. Charlotte is right there. Nia Jax, thus far on RAW? Hasn’t beaten a single woman of note. So until she does, it’s far too soon to discuss that. But, if we want to speculate? I’d say she gets a big singles bout at ‘Mania, that assuming she wins, positions her to be in line for a title shot. Perhaps by this time next year, she could be the number one contender. But considering Sasha just wrested the title from Charlotte, and those two will likely battle over the belt for a while? I’d say Nia has plenty of time to acclimate herself to RAW before she has to worry about a belt.

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