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Ask WNZ: What Now For Natty And Becky Lynch

In what has to be considered a bit of a shock, Natalya turned on Becky at MITB. Where can these two take their feud?

Dorathy Gass:

What now? I expect to see a solid women’s program between these two that will draw in their incredible history, and backstage friendship. With the brand extension draft so close, I’m wondering if Nattie and Lynch will usher in the women’s division for which ever brand they land on? It would make sense. Still, what’s undeniable, is that their matches will be epic; which will continue to elevate the WWE women’s wrestling movement

John Deegan:

This is tough for me, because I have enjoyed Natty for years, and Becky has become another favorite. It was stunning to me to see the turn, and then to hear Natalya’s explanation of why on RAW. But, it makes sense. I get it.

But here’s the reality. Sasha Banks is back, she returned on Monday gunning for the Women’s Title. Which means Becky and Natty could be a compelling feud, but all it can be, for now, is a compelling midcard feud. I don’t think this does much for either woman, outside of keeping them busy. Fans should benefit, however, as I think these two can put on some hard hitting and entertaining matches-so the fans would benefit, and that has to be good for business.

Joseph Lisnow:

Probably not far. If the Women’s Championship isn’t involved, WWE gives the division little attention. The point of this angle seems to get Natalya over as a monster heel. The WWE doesn’t have a major heel outside of Charlotte and her run with the belt is in its final months. So, Natalya gets the better of Becky Lynch and someone (maybe Sasha Banks or Bayley) takes the title from Charlotte. This leaves the new face champion someone to feud with Natalya, who has spent the summer months getting over as a heel. The biggest loser here will be Becky. She has to wait and climb the division if she hopes to even stay around. It’s not easy to stay relevant in the women’s division

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