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Ask WNZ: The Prominence Of Rollins/Reigns?

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After the last week or so, we were wondering-and have asked the staff-if a program like Rollins and Reigns isn’t being pushed hard enough, or why that might be.

Dorathy Gass:

It’s interesting because, the one thing I’ve noticed since the “New Era” has launched, is the fact that Roman’s Reigns is not necessarily getting a bulk of RAW’s airtime. Generally the champ will be involved in a promo, and sometimes a match on RAW, and this doesn’t really seem to be the case as of late. My problem with the Rollins/Reigns feud is not prominence, moreover, creative. Their promo really should’ve started to unravel something intense last RAW (May 31st edition); but it was lame. Creative needs to draw in the fans, especially since these two have so much history, yet have never faced each other one-on-one, and have had matches booked in the past (2014 Night of Champions, 2015 Survivor Series) but have had injuries interfere with their feud. Creative has an easy job here, and it feels like they are dropping the ball. So, no, more prominence is not needed; just a better angle within the program.

John Deegan:

This one, to me, has felt weird from almost the get-go. Reigns was supposed to be the next big babyface, but someone in Stamford wanted that to happen so badly that they pushed him down fans throats-and now fans are almost as divided on him as they are Cena. And Rollins, upon his return, has been warmly received for the most part, even though he’s still cutting the heel promos. And this hasn’t been positioned, in my view, as the main event program, even though you’d think it should be based on the fact that it’s for the WWE Championship. So it’s a bit of a puzzle still. I think it will get there by Money in the Bank. but I think this is a problem of Reigns being disliked, and not picking a role, and Rollins either thinking he’s a better heel and not wanting to change, or whatever is going on there. Each of these guys needs to figure out where they function best, and run with it.

Joseph Lisnow:

It does feel WWE hasn’t been properly booking Roman Reigns – Seth Rollins. My only guess why is because they already have plenty of history. For over two years, they were 2/3 of The Shield; who were one of the best stables in recent years. If we go all the way back to November of last year, Reigns and Rollins were in the middle of their feud that was to culminate at Survivor Series. Some say Rollins was to retain and would drop the belt later; while others claim that was the night Reigns would finally get the gold and be the man. Rollins’ injury from six months ago left many questions unanswered and he answered most upon his return. Now, fans are seeing a WWE Championship match with little build. I get, in storylines, these two hate each other. Perhaps WWE is letting their longtime hatred, since the RAW The Shield split, be the main selling point. This feud reminds me of the Shawn Michaels and Triple H program. They didn’t much to sell the match. Their lengthy disdain was what made the feud work.

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  • Mike

    Almost as divided as on cena? Agreed, but reigns doesn’t have cenas 50/50 split. It’s more like 25-75 boos. So in that way he’s way worse than cena ever was

  • Jakerams

    Cena gets 50-50 splits but he is atleast respected by the fans. When Cena and AJ came face to face people were not booing Cena they were genuinely excited for that moment.

    Also Rollins/Reigns doesn’t seem right without Ambrose. Considering I loved the Shield but I 2/3s of it as singles wrestlers it just doesn’t seem right unless it’s something involving all of them.

    I really hope Ambrose does not win MITB and turn it into a triple threat.

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