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Ask WNZ: Rating Undertaker’s RAW

Simply put, and right to the point: What did our writers think of The Undertaker’s appearance on the Leap Day edition of Monday Night RAW.

Dorathy Gass: I’m not one to complain about The Undertaker being on RAW, be it on any level. Still, while his entrance took more time than the actual words he said within the promo, I felt the content of what was said didn’t further add any insight to this storyline or program. It was confusing for lack of any better words, and not confusing in a good way. I think many fans were expecting Taker to tell Vince to shove it, and that he wouldn’t be doing his bidding. The promo left an empty hole as to why Taker would want to fight Shane, which I think was what many WWE fans wanted. An understanding of motive for The Phenom. However, with approximately four weeks until Wrestlemania 32, there is still a lot of story to tell, and still many opportunities to reveal this to fans.

John Deegan: In recent history, The Undertaker has become pretty well known for some epic pre-WrestleMania promos. Often, without saying much of anything at all. I mean, who can forget the work he and Hunter did to set up one of their ‘Mania clashes, where it was all body language, not a word spoken. On RAW? This time, less was absolutely not more. If anything, the little bit he did say leaves us with effectively the same questions we had going in. For me, I am still not sold on this match as it is currently constituted. And it wasn’t like ‘Taker came out all pro-Vince. All he said was that Shane’s blood would be on Vince’s hands. Nothing about how he did, or did not, want to help McMahon. And that all happened after a few mic stumbles (because they surely didn’t seem planned). We all know there are weeks to go before the big show, but things could have surely gone better than they did.

Joseph Lisnow: I usually can’t wait to see Undertaker on TV. 25 years later and he’s still an interesting character. His rare presence is one of the few moments that make me want to watch RAW and SmackDown. So Undertaker appears on RAW to let everyone know Shane’s blood is on Vince McMahon. I’m left with more questions than answers now. It didn’t seem like Undertaker minds doing the job for Vince, so is heel or face? That huge question is one fans have been wondering since Undertaker returned against Brock Lesnar and started handing out low blows. Does Vince have something on Undertaker? No comment about Hell in Cell returning at WrestleMania? Taker isn’t known for saying much, but there are too many questions right now. We need answers and there weren’t any on RAW. I’d call RAW’s segment disappointing, which doesn’t happen often with Undertaker.

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    I think the fairest and most fitting rating would be, 4/10

    • MikeLo #NewNation

      I give it a 2/10 because I think he said 2 sentences


        I was counting in his bumbles lol

  • Mark B.

    I agree with Dorathy Gass. I think Shane will win with the Finger-Touch-of-Death and then maybe the Undertaker being YOUR FIRED! by Vince. This leading to more action by the Undertaker after Mania.

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