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Ask WNZ: Rock’s WrestleMania Role?

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In case you missed it, news broke that The Rock would be joining in the WrestleMania 32 fun in a few months time. Details about what he will or won’t be doing aren’t yet available, which means we are free to speculate on what exactly The Great One will be doing in Texas.

Dorathy Gass:

It’s exciting to know The Rock will be at Wrestlemania 32; however, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to realize that he will probably be there in a non-wrestling role. As a major Hollywood actor, since The Rock was injured at Wrestlemania 29 during his main event match against John Cena, studios have been hesitant in allowing him to get back into the ring while working on projects. Add the fact that The Rock as back-to-back acting projects, and it is very unlikely that he will participate in a match and wrestle. The hernia injury from WM29 left him in the hospital, requiring surgery and recovery for quite a bit of time, and as a result, Rocky missed out on the premier of his latest movie (at that time) Pain and Gain. All that aside, my guess is, he’ll probably be a special guest referee for a match, which will most likely involve his cousin, Roman Reigns.  I don’t see Rock playing a managerial role, or even a cheesy role like a ‘special guest host’ as Hulk Hogan did years ago; it just doesn’t seem fitting for his Hollywood persona or WWE character.

John Deegan:

I have to disagree with Dorathy here-and I am absolutely not a rocket scientist:)

I think if Rock was coming in as a guest host, or something else definitively not physical, not in the ring, there’s no reason to not announce that now. That is, unless WWE is planning on making folks think there might be a match in the works, just to drive ticket sales. Except, this is WrestleMania, so this isn’t a show that needs to have ticket sales driven for it. Right?

My guess? He made his announcement now, and perhaps some brash young Superstar takes issue with it. Perhaps someone with whom Rock has been involved with before? First guess could be Rusev, to finally follow up on their Brooklyn confrontation. Next guess, and this one may be more plausible, is something involving himself and The Authority (with or without a former UFC Champion)-except, with Hunter involved in the WWE Championship picture to some extent, he might have bigger issues come WrestleMania. But, if by chance we got a Hunter versus Roman match at ‘Mania, I sure hope our Rock involvement isn’t limited to him being in Reigns’ corner. That would be disappointing.

Regardless of his role, it gives us something to look forward to, as surely we will be getting another electrifying WrestleMania moment.

Guess that leaves me to break the tie if The Rock wrestles or not. I’m leaning towards yes. Before the WWE failed to get Ronda Rousey on board for WrestleMania 32, I feel she was set to team with The Rock. Then she got knocked out and that changed storylines. The WWE is basically called an audible and has to scramble to put another storyline together. The only match I can see for The Rock is taking on Triple H or teaming with Roman Reigns in tag team action. I’d rather see Triple H vs. The Rock one more time than the relatives team. If do they go the tag route, still look for Triple H to be involved. I’m not sure who is partner would be. Maybe Sheamus.

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  • Damian Starr

    Just cutting out lisnow completely now? I’m not complaining…

  • MikeLo #NewNation

    I think they might do rock vs triple h or rock vs roman

  • Victor82

    Since Monday night Raw, I was thinking about that: The Rock enters the Royal Rumble, number 30. He eliminates Roman and become the new WWE world heavyweight champion. Reigns gets his rematch at Wrestlemania and become 3 time WWE world heavyweight champion. The only thing i don’t know is the role of the authority in this storyline. But of course, we’ll have Lesnar in that match. It could be Lesnar and Rock at WM, with Triple H winning the rumble and the title, having Roman vs Hunter at WM.

  • Mean Dean

    What’s scary, there have been rumors all over the Internet, including the sites that basically predicted Roman winning the championship the night after tlc, that are saying we will see the rock vs Roman at mania, which in my opinion would make sense, because you want to guarantee a epic main event at mania, and everyone knows, that Roman just isn’t a epic main eventer , and looking at the current active, none injured roster, there’s not much talent left, to carry Roman and put on a epic battle

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