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Ask WNZ: Who Runs Monday’s RAW?

Based on Stephanie announcing that her dad would decide, once and for all, who was running RAW during Payback, it begs the question: who will be running the show?

Dorathy Gass:

Honestly, I think it’ll be neither at this point. I know the announcement is said to be ‘final’ on Shane’s involvement with the WWE, but I think this will open up a program pitting Stephanie and Shane against each other, with a potential match at the next pay-per-view to determine who will run RAW; Shane versus Triple H. Still unsure in the end who would run RAW, and still wondering if this announcement has anything to do with a brand split. My gut
instinct says Shane may end up being in charge of RAW in the end, as they keep mentioning ‘ushering a new era in’. Having him around really does make things refreshing, and while this past RAW wasn’t the best within the four weeks; it was still pretty darn good.

John Deegan

If I could go with “other”, I think I might. But since I can’t, I do have a couple scenarios. Option 1? He picks someone other than his offspring (just no Mike Adamle!). Option 2, he tells his kids that they have to get along, because he can do whatever he wants to. Of course, such a working plan would lead to issues down the road, which is kind of what WWE probably wants.

My gut says Vince forces them to play nice, setting up things for a slow build until SummerSlam.

But I leave a wild card out there. Just as Vince is about to mention his choice, perhaps Shane reminds him of whatever it is that Shane has over Vince’s head, and Vince buckles, sending Shane back to the executive suite.

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