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Ask WNZ: SmackDown Superstar Deserving The Women’s Title?

It is a huge deal to be the first of anything. On Sunday, one of six women will be the first SmackDown Women’s Champion. It is a major deal, a significant honor. So who do our writers think is most deserving?

Dorathy Gass:

I feel like Becky Lynch is most deserving at this point. She was part of that incredible triple threat match at Wrestlemania 32, and now more recently has helped to put over the new NXT ladies who have entered SmackDown. Unlike Charlotte, Sasha, and even Bailey; Becky has yet to taste any WWE or NXT gold, and I do believe it’s time. She’s well over with the fans, has the experience to lead the women’s division, and I just believe her time is now. If I had to pick a second choice, it would be Naomi. Her new look, entrance, and back to face status has been incredible since she returned. She’s paid her dues in the past, and is also on my list as a female who deserves a title run in the company.

John Deegan:

In my predictions, I called out three likely winners-Natalya, Nikki and Becky. But of them, only one truly deserves to win the first-ever title.

Nikki? She has the record for longest Diva reign ever.

Natalya? A company woman, through and through, she’s been loyal and steady and could certainly be seen as worthy.

Becky? Now, this one makes complete sense. Think about it from two perspectives. One, she’s one of the major additions from last Summer’s Women’s Revolution. Two? This whole split has been driven by, in theory, the New Era. Of these three, who better embodies the New Era than the Lass Kicker herself? The answer? No one.

For Carmella and Alexa, their time is not yet here. For Naomi? Her time may not be here, ever. I wouldn’t be opposed to her as champion, but I just don’t see it in the near future.

Nope, for me, for my money, there is but one deserving of the honor. Becky Lynch.

Joseph Lisnow:

The most deserving is either Natalya or Becky Lynch. Natalya has been with the WWE for so many years and even when they continue to bury her, she sticks with the company. She seems like a lifer and will probably move into an NXT coaching position when her time in the ring is over. Plus, she’s been through a lot the past 12 plus months with her husband Tyson Kidd basically having his wrestling career ended. Becky Lynch was never NXT Champion and with the talent on RAW, her time to hold any gold there might be another year away. She’s best suited for SmackDown, where she has a legitimate chance to finally win a belt.

Nikki Bella could also win because of comeback from neck surgery and sticking with the WWE when many others (including her twin sister) decided to leave for other opportunities. With her fragile neck, I can’t see Nikki wrestling on live events and that might be a factor on why she doesn’t get the belt.

Naomi never seemed to click with fans as a wrestler, even with her new gimmick where she’s dressed like she’s going to a rave filled with molly or ecstasy. There’s too many talented female wrestlers right now and Naomi doesn’t seem to be on their level.

Then there’s NXT’s Alexa Bliss and Carmella. I’m not too impressed with their work in the ring, but they’ve only been on the main roster for less than a month. They could be champion one day, but it’s too soon. The first SmackDown Women’s Champion needs to be an established star who can carry the belt. In two years, Alexa Bliss and Carmella could be champions. It’s just not their time at the moment and rushing them into the title would only hurt their progress.

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