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Ask WNZ: Thoughts On Draft, Live SmackDown

While some time has passed since it was announced, we haven’t had a chance to address the move of SmackDown to a live Tuesday slot, nor the coming draft. So, here we go!

Dorathy Gass:

Of course. One can’t help but speculate on what will happen, who will be moved where, if tag teams/factions will be split up, and *if* any new titles will be created, and so on, and so on. Who will run SmackDown, seems to be another unknown factor. There will be obvious leaders (main eventers) on both brands, and I can’t wait to see how its all divided out.

John Deegan:

For the live show? Absolutely excited. I think it can, in theory, help things. The one concern is if costs escalate, and WWE decides to go back to how it was-because let’s be realistic, 2 live shows a week can be pretty pricey.

I think a live SmackDown opens things up, meaning we could see more surprise debuts, MITB cash-ins and the like since things won’t be spoiled.

As for the draft? I like the idea of giving select guys specific areas to play in. I think, especially with the influx of talent, it will be good to keep them on one show and build feuds. So I think it will be fun, and I liked prior drafts. I bet with the Network in place, they milk that thing for all they can. And if it brings back an old belt? Or a new GM? It just makes things even more interesting. July will be an exciting time for a wrestling fan, I think.

Joseph Lisnow:

I’m interested to see how the WWE handles the draft. It will be memorable show, but let’s not forget how this is an old WWE storyline being redone. Instead of Vince McMahon and Ric Flair splitting the roster, Shane McMahon and Stephanie take their roles. A few of the wrestlers on the current roster took part in the first draft, so it’s not even that old of an idea. Hopefully this isn’t like when WCW would redo the NWO every 18 months.

As for Live SmackDown, I’m totally down for that. SmackDown’s biggest issue was always being taped two or three days before the airing. Now, we’ll see which show the fans are really interested in.

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  • Zack

    Smackdown has most to gain for going live and on a Tuesday. Monday and Thursday nights typically don’t help them because some of TVs most popular shows plus the NFL air on those nights. With the way ratings are, Smackdown will come up to Raw or potentially pass it but lately they’ve both been 3rd or 4th in viewership rankings for their respective nights compared to other shows and I don’t see that changing. Hopefully with more intriguing feuds and storylines brought out by this, they can do what they can to make it must see tv again.

  • ‘Drowen Hart #NN #NBNC ?????

    Live Smackdown, yes ??
    Draft Split, ehhh….

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