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Ask WNZ: Thoughts On Extreme Rules

Here’s an easy one for our staff to get things started. Simply put, how about some final thoughts on Extreme Rules?

Dorathy Gass:

I think it accomplished a great deal in terms of moving storylines along. A new U.S. Champion was crowned, allowing Kalisto to return to tag team action; The Miz gained further heat by retaining the IC title; Ambrose/Jericho’s feud was settled, as well as the feud between Charlotte/Nattie, and The Club and The Bloodline. The matches, for the most part, were solid and entertaining, and the WWE Universe witnessed the return of Seth Rollins … what more could you ask for?

John Deegan:

Easy answer? It was a solid PPV. I am not jazzed about Rusev as champion, but the title change I think was necessary, and in the bigger picture it sets up what should be more interesting feuds. I am curious to see where things go relative to the Intercontinental Championship, since I think a lot of people wanted anyone but Miz to walk out with the title, and Miz defied all odds and kept the strap. I’ve written about it before, but he is quietly becoming a fairly significant IC Champion, in terms of numbers and whatnot. History will be the final judge on his career, but he may be becoming one of the more unlikely HOF candidates (and I cringed when I typed that).

Best non-Rollins moment, for me, was the thumbtacks. It fit the match, and man that was a bump.

The biggest piece of Extreme Rules, of course, was the return of Seth Rollins. Even though that was all of 5 minutes, after the main event, that made a lot of people very happy after seeing AJ Styles lose.

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