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Ask WNZ: Thoughts on Fatal Fourway

Heading into Extreme Rules, we are getting a match that doesn’t necessarily scream extreme, but should be chaotic and entertaining: a fatal four-way, which is for the Intercontinental Championship. So, what do our writers think about the match?

Dorathy Gass:

I think the match itself is going to be fantastic; however, I keep questioning why the WWE won’t simply offer a solid one-on-one program when it comes to the Intercontinental Championship? There’s been a little something between Cesaro and the Miz, but really since Wrestlemania, the IC title picture seen has been filled with many different players; almost, too many. Kevin Owens needs to move on from the title, and it seems like Creative simply has no other story for him right now.

I’ve written about this numerous times, but when I was younger, the IC title was considered the ‘next championship down’ from the World title. On the one hand, four men via for the title shows its prestigious, yet on the other hand, I guess I prefer one-on-one programs; and the four way is bringing many players onto the scene once again. Still, another positive though, is this is giving all these four superstars air time on television, and pay-per-view time. Still, here’s hoping post Extreme Rules, a more focused storyline develops around this championship.

John Deegan:

I have to agree with Dorathy here. While the match should be amazing, and I fully can imagine myself dubbing it “match of the night” in my Nutshell, it’s maddening that WWE can’t or won’t do a one on one match. From the minute Payback’s IC match happened, it was pretty obvious to most that the next IC clash was not going to be a one on one affair. On the plus side, we will get what should be an instant classic. But on the other side? We just had a ladder match for the belt at WrestleMania, and the guy who won that isn’t even in this match.

I think what the IC Title needs, is a high profile champion, and someone who holds it for a substantial amount of time. If AJ hadn’t already been thrust into the World Title hunt, I’d have said he’d be perfect for this spot. Owens has had runs with it, but I’m looking for something approaching a year. Put it on someone now, and don’t think about them dropping it until at least the Rumble. Build back some prestige to it, much like Cena did with the US Title. Not that the Intercontinental Championship isn’t prestigious, but it bothers me both that The Miz is current champion, and that he’s had 5 reigns, when you stack him up to the great who’ve held that gold.

Joseph Lisnow:

My first reaction was where’s the extreme gimmick; then I thought maybe the fatal four-way concept was what made this match standout from the rest. Regardless, the match should be entertaining. The four people involved currently have a deep storyline with one person in the match and there are issues with others in the ring; leaving lots of potential storylines to be created/developed from one match. The WWE took four of their top guys (yes, even counting The Miz) and tossed them together. With enough time, they should be able to have one of the best matches without needing chairs, kendo sticks or trash can lids. As of now, I figure The Miz wins by stealing a pin after someone does all the hard work. That just leaves room for more action from these four talented workers for months to follow.

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  • That boy Alejandro

    Cesaro should win, i feel like him being champion would bring prestige to the championship and push him to the main event like he deserves. Plus he’s awesome to watch and always has good performances like at payback with the miz.

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