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Ask WNZ: Thoughts on Roadblock

This one is obvious enough. In the aftermath of Roadblock, what did you think of the show? Would you like to see more specials like it?

John Deegan:

I didn’t mind the show, but at the same time, looking back I can’t say any of the matches were really worth watching it live on the Network.

For one thing, it felt like a glorified house show-which, in essence, it was. But when you advertise a show to be aired on your Network, I do expect it to be a bit more than a house show with the cameras turned on. I mean, it didn’t even feel on par with an episode of RAW, Smackdown or NXT. So in that sense, it left me wanting more.

There wasn’t much in the way of program advancement, either. I mean sure, there was some, probably most notably New Day and League of Nations, but I felt there should have been more. I honestly wanted to see something happen on the show that would make fans go “man, did you see that?”. And, for those fans who had missed it, whatever they missed they would have regretted missing. You know, like a run-in. A surprise appearance. An unexpected title change. Something. But we got…nothing. Also, they announced all of four matches. I went in expecting four matches, and about a two hour show. Instead we got 7 matches, and a near 3 hour program. I am not complaining about the additional matches nor the length, but it would have been nice to have seen some pre-Roadblock hype for those too.

Perhaps my expectations were set too high. I had hoped this would have been more along the lines of the 2015 Beast in the East show, or the special Elimination Chamber Network-only PPV. We got more along the lines of Saturday Night’s Main Event. Maybe it’s my nostalgia, but I always thought even SNME had more action packed into it.

I would not be opposed to watching another. I just hope they spice things up a bit.

Joseph Lisnow:

Overall, the show was just okay; which is the problem. The WWE has done several live events since introducing the network and they each seemed to have something special attached. There was nothing special on this three hour show. It had big names wrestle, but there was no title changes or moments to impact WrestleMania. The WWE should have used this time to promote WrestleMania 32; instead, fans were treated to any old show. I look back at Roadblock and can’t imagine anything that occurred will be worth remembering. It feels like WWE is rightfully focused on WrestleMania and Roadblock was an event the company needed to get through. There was selling of the grandest show of the year a few weeks later. I want to see more specials, though at the same time WWE might be producing too many of these cards.

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  • Crazy_Victor

    The live specials on the network are just televised house shows (maybe with a part-time superstar, like Lensar, but nothing else). Don’t expect to see anything memorable on one of these shows.

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