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Ask WNZ: Thoughts On The Royal Rumble PPV?

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With the Rumble behind us now, it’s time to ask a basic but important question: what did the staff think of the January PPV?

Dorathy Gass:

I really overall enjoyed the pay-per-view (PPV), from the Preshow Kickoff match, to the Royal Rumble itself. It also helped that the Orlando crowd was really into it, and this completely showed. From the moment Damien Sandow stepped out to enter the ring, and the audience began chanting his name; I knew the crowd would also help set the tone to create something big for Rumble. It’s no secret that many superstars feed off of a crowd; and the Amway Centre audience played a key role in adding to the electricity of the event.

Moreover, all the matches were well performed, and accomplished what any Royal Rumble should: they entertained, ended some programs, and help set up some new ones as we enter Road to Wrestlemania season.  I thought the Last Man Standing match was incredible. I loved the Del Rio versus Kalisto, and it was great to see Kalisto become a two-time U.S. Champ. As for the divas match, I was pleased with bout and (surprisingly enough) the outcome; and loved the surprise of a Sasha Banks return, and potential tease of a feud between her and Charlotte. There may even be a Triple Threat divas match at Wrestlemania, where Lynch gets tossed into the mix; it’s too early to tell still.

As for the Rumble itself – I thought it accomplished a lot. It told stories, it unveiled potential feuds, and there were surprises. While the debut of Styles wasn’t that much of shocker, I for one was simply stunned that I was seeing him finally in a WWE ring (kind of that same feeling I got when I knew Sting was going to be at 2014 Survivor Series, but still marked out when he showed up, because it seems like such a long time coming). The return of Sami Zayn (was a real shock), and Triple H entering at 30 and winning (again, not a huge shock, but still unbelievable that he is once again champ). What I liked most was that Ambrose was the 2nd last man left in the ring, and while this was done for many reasons (as HHH and Reigns will probably clash at Wrestlemania, so why have them as the final two); I felt that it gave Ambrose a nice nod as a main eventer, and potentially a WWE Champion contender.

All in all, I enjoyed the 2016 Royal Rumble PPV.

John Deegan:

Comparing it to previous Rumbles, specifically the 2015 edition, this one was an excellent show.

But, it was not perfect. Not trying to be a downer, but there are definitely areas I would like to see improved.

For one, the Divas Championship. This was not terrible, mind you, but I don’t think Becky got a fair shot, and I think Ric Flair being involved is hurting both Charlotte and, overall, the Divas Division. Maybe I read to much into this one, but it’s almost like WWE implying that without Flair, the division would be unwatchable, when we all know that couldn’t be further from the truth. For me, by saddling Charlotte with her father, it’s made her unlikable-and I don’t mean in the good way as a heel. I mean in a manner where I’d rather tune her out. That’s not good, but Flair hasn’t really aged well, in my opinion. As in, his antics just aren’t fun, week after week. And on top of that, post-match on a PPV, WWE launches into the next Divas feud. I am fine with progressing things and all that, but it felt like Sasha was who WWE wanted in there all along. So if that were true, they should have gone that route.

The tag team match was less compelling than it should have been. In my Nutshell, I think I actually gave the Divas Match the worst match of the night nod, but hindsight being 20/20 and all, it’s the tag match that leaves a worse taste in my mouth. New Day is one of the hottest teams WWE has had in a decade, and The Usos have been around long enough to know how to get great matches together. But this one just felt lacking. I think losing teams like Cesaro and Kidd, and now Lucha Dragons and even Prime Time Players, hurts. But there are still good-to-great teams available….and I really hope that the Dudleys get one more crack, at WrestleMania, to win the belts for a 10th time, on the 20th anniversary of their formation.

The Rumble itself? My gripes are few there, but there are gripes. One, I like having 3 or 4 surprise entrants. This year we arguably had none. Hunter was the telegraphed surprise we get every year-some Superstar who was off TV for a while, rehabbing injury or whatnot, who’s return at the Rumble is just too obvious. That plus the Reigns storyline, and it was an easy prediction to make-though I didn’t fully expect him to win it all. AJ Styles was cool, but once we all knew he was joining WWE, that too became somewhat obvious. Sami Zayn was another easy choice. But we didn’t get the unexpected ones, like a Samoa Joe or Finn Balor or any other NXT guys. We didn’t get an alumni nod with an entry of say, Diesel or DDP or JBL. And, on the one hand, maybe that’s a good sign; after all, in years past some of those surprises and trips down Memory Lane were less about nostalgic appeal, and more about horrid roster depth. I also would have liked to see less of the outside interference BS-storyline or not, it was done excessively in this one, with both Roman and Brock getting impacted by guys who were either already eliminated, or had not yet joined in. I get it, storylines, sure. But find a way to do one but not both. It didn’t help my opinion of things, either, that with Roman getting attacked, we missed Kofi and his acrobatics when it comes to eliminations. WWE, folks love the Rumble. Don’t detract from it with stupid stuff.

I could have probably done without HHH winning, as there are a lot of ways WWE could have gone with the ‘Mania main event, but I totally understand WWE wanting a bankable name and strong worker, and with Hunter still being in awesome shape and cutting a passionate promo on RAW…well, I will deal. There are far worse options to be WWE Champion. I mean, we could have gotten…The Miz!

Bottom line, there will always be things that can be improved upon, nothing is perfect, but it was a really strong show. The Rumble itself was largely better than I expected, and I’d be completely remiss if I didn’t give props to Owens and Ambrose for their really strong Last Man Standing match.

Joseph Lisnow:

The Royal Rumble is about winning the 30-person battle at the end. I’m skipping right to the Rumble as the other matches aren’t why the occasional fan or someone out of the loop for ten years purchases the event. There’s a rare level of unpredictability as nobody can guess or be prepared for every surprise.

This year’s winner, Triple H, wasn’t even advertised; yet he was the betting odds favorite going into the show. There were few surprise entrants, though with the WWE Championship being decided that was a best for business call. Then there was AJ Styles and is interaction with Kevin Owens. Or Owens and Sami Zayn coming to blows. Chris Jericho lasting over 50 minutes in the ring. Roman Reigns’ shocked look when Triple H sent him over the top rope. Dean Ambrose was again inches from the title. And that’s only a few moments.

The WWE needed to make this Rumble count after some horrific outings in recent years. They succeeded. The Rumble wasn’t perfect; though that special allure is back after a solid 60 plus minute match where the fans didn’t turn on the product.

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  • Lisa

    I thought the PPV was pretty good. Triple H winning the Rumble left a bitter taste in my mouth though. At his age he shouldn’t be anywhere near the world title. A 46-year-old executive has no business holding the world title.

    • MEH

      My sentiments exactly! He may think so but to me he is not a box office draw for the main event of Wrestlemania this year, perhaps in the past but no way is he now! I’m really missing Rollins right now!

    • Joseph Lisnow

      pays to be number 30 and married to the Vince’s daughter with his grandchildren.

      • Lisa

        The only thing bigger than Triple H’s ego is his nose.

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