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Ask WNZ: Was Turning Y2J The Right Move?

After Jericho made his heel turn on RAW, we get to turn to our writers and ask them: Was this turn the right move?

Dorathy Gass:

If the plan is to have these two in a match at Wrestlemania 32, then yes, it was the right move. The three prior matches between Y2J and AJ were good, but had no real story around them. They were ‘fighting’ each other, with no real background, no real need other than: Styles was debuting, trying to make his mark; and Jericho didn’t want to let go of his position with the WWE, and get defeated by a so-called rookie (again! Fandango anyone?). The turn intensifies the storyline between these two, and makes it more ‘personal’. I was never really into Y2AJ anyways. The only question is: after three pretty solid matches, can these to bring it up a notch for WM? Only time will tell …

John Deegan:

Jericho is a guy who plays a great heel, as easily as he can be a great babyface. He’s really just that good. As for the turn? I won’t say it was the right move, but it was the obvious one. Maybe it’s me, but it feels like he’s done this kind of turn a time or two before. And, mind you, that is not a complaint. It was a turn I honestly expected, so it really didn’t shock me, but I felt it was well done. I will go on record as saying I really liked the friendly feud, the one that showed a mutual respect. Taking it to the this extreme, personal hatred? Should ramp things up a bit, so we shall see.  If it was worth it or not really depends on where they go from here. But let’s look at the history: every match they’ve had this year has been very good to excellent. So, if their goal was to find a way to make these two have another classic-this time at WrestleMania-then I don’t blame WWE for doing it. Perhaps Creative could get some flak for the wasted few weeks of Y2AJ, but in the end, it still worked out. It’s not like we’ve got a clear-cut great next tag team waiting to challenge New Day, so burning a title match on breaking up Styles and Jericho really wasn’t a terrible idea.

Joseph Lisnow:

Turning Chris Jericho heel was the right move, but the timing was a little off. I figured once their trilogy match ended, Jericho would turn heel. When he offered a handshake to AJ Styles at Fastlane, I was waiting for a low blow (similar to WrestleMania 19 with Shawn Michaels). We got nothing, so I figured all the heel turn teases from Jericho were a misdirection. Then the two start teaming and have a t-shirt that comes right out. While the shirt wasn’t designed by the most artistic person, it showed WWE was going to let this team last until Jericho’s latest WWE contract ended.

In my ideal world, Jericho would have turned heel on Ambrose and challenged him for the intercontinental title at WrestleMania 32 in hopes of breaking his own record for most reigns with the title. That’s how the storyline looked at Night of Champions, but almost the entire WrestleMania card has changed since the fall.

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  • The “Cleaner” Kenny omega #?

    Heel Jericho is what’s best for business

    • jcice13

      agreed, but if they wrestle again doesn’t jericho have to win the match because that would make his turn look better and then he can move on to others faces with a win over AJ as opposed to a lose?

      • The “Cleaner” Kenny omega #?

        From the booking sense yes but that would probably make a lot people start the aj is being buried conversation. ( which he’s not been there long enough for that) but on the other side this match will be at wm32 so Aj need the “wrestlemania moment” more than Jericho.

        • jcice13

          that’s why I said in a comment below that Jericho could have someone help him beat AJ then have Styles hook up with a bullet club member after mania to go after them

  • jcice13

    it’s good if there’s an end game to it, something that makes sense, so let’s see what transpires with the turn but another jericho/aj match?

    maybe if they have a match at mania and someone helps jericho and they team up to smash AJ then styles can get one of his bullet boys to come in and help later? but like the cleaner below says, a heel jericho is good for business,

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