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WNZ Open Season: Any Tweaks To Divas Triple Threat?

Not that I don’t think the Divas triple threat match for WrestleMania won’t be good-quite the opposite, I think it could steal the show-but I did begin to wonder: are there additional stipulations that you’d like to see added to it? Or is it fine as-is.

Right off the bat, if I had to make only one change, it would be this: I’d much rather get this one as a three way dance. I was spoiled-I really came back to enjoying wrestling in the 90s when I got to experience ECW. And one match I loved that ECW made famous was the three way dance. Rather than the first one to score a pinfall or submission winning the title, 2 of 3 Divas would need to be eliminated in order for there to be a winner. Especially when a title is at stake, I think this is a more fair way to do things. Plus, I just think the match is awesome.

Beyond that change, one I think could be realistic and make sense, would be something banning outside interference. Or, specifically, Ric Flair gets banned from ringside. I word it like this because it would open up a world of possibilities. In theory, the ban would take outside interference out of play, but by wording it as such, it opens up the option of having Charlotte getting help from say, an NXT callup, in order to potentially retain her championship. Do I think they add this one? Probably not, but the possibility remains.

The one that I think is extremely unlikely, but would be so awesome to see? That would be having these three Divas do battle from within the confines of Hell in A Cell. Not because I think they need it, but because it will be there, so why not. Look, I get it. There are a plethora of cultural reasons why we likely won’t ever see a Diva bleed like Hunter and Reigns have on the Road to WrestleMania, but is that a reason to keep them from interesting matches such as HIAC, or Elimination Chamber, or even something as basic as a ladder match? Not saying I want to see a Diva busted open-and I am sure WWE wants to keep their pretty faces pretty-but let’s see what they can do, no? So having the three fight it out inside the Cell would be awesome. However, because it’s such a signature match, and basically the 2nd biggest match on the card is using it, I think there is no way in Hell this happens. Not in Dallas, anyways.

So, WNZ readers, would you add (or change) anything about this match?

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  • Zack

    Ok Russo…

  • MikeLo #DunDunDuuunnnnnn

    I guarantee that he has a bright future….. On becoming a jobber

  • mitland

    I like the 3 way dance idea. I think every triple threat should have 3 way dance rules. I’d also like no interference. Just these 3 putting on a wrestling clinic.

  • ‘Drowen Hart #NewNation ??????

    No interference from Ric because he doesn’t really need to be there at all. Keep the match to one fall. If they do elimination style, then it might take away the spotlight for the person who’s eliminated first.

  • MEH

    Wrestlemania needs the Nature Boy! Wooooo

    A HIAC match would be bad booking when that’s Shane and Takers gimmick and the main event so would never happen. You have more chance of a pillow fight or HLA!

    3 way dance only real viable option but again won’t happen.

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