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Ask WNZ: Unannounced In The Royal Rumble

WWE Champion
This is it, folks. The Royal Rumble is 12 hours from now. Are you excited yet?

For many, one of the most exciting parts is who comes out as a surprise. Recently, we’ve had some big returns, like Y2J and Bubba Ray. Who will be the signature surprise of 2016?

Dorathy Gass:

Who am I expecting to debut? AJ Styles, and potentially NXTer Finn Balor to debut (for Balor, it would be a main roster debut) in the Royal Rumble. Who would I be hoping for as a surprise return/debut? Daniel Bryan. There is that one side of me that thinks, there is no way the WWE would throw away their current push of Roman Reigns with a surprise return by Daniel Bryan, at the Royal Rumble pay-per-view, in the Royal Rumble match (of all places). DB’s fans, and their support of him (and wanting him to win the coveted match, to move on to headline Wrestlemania), has been a source of discontent for the WWE in recent years. Many have even argued that it is the reason many fans think the match has bombed (although the booking of the Royal Rumble has also played a key role in disappointment as well). Then there is that small part of me that thinks, what a perfect opportunity to bring back Bryan, rebuild the YES! Movement, and give the fans what they have wanted for years –  give Daniel Bryan a Royal Rumble win. Then the other side reminds me (the more cynical one that is), there is no way WWE would re-place that title on DB with his past injuries, and the fact that he’s been out of action for a majority of the past two years. So would it be awesome to see DB at the Rumble? Sure, but would WWE go there? Will he get cleared? Is all this DB clearing stuff a work? So, conflicted, will have to wait and see …

John Deegan:

I have been throwing out a few names for a while now, so I seen no reason to deviate.

In terms of returns, my money is on Hunter Hearst Helmsley. This one makes sense because he has been kept off of TV for a while, to sell the effects of Roman’s assault. You know he’s going to want revenge-McMahon said so himself. Having the COO return, entering himself into the Royal Rumble where the winner becomes the champion? It’s a golden opportunity, and some matches, or say, one big match at ‘Mania between Hunter and Roman? That’s something you could sell.

The Undertaker would be awesome too, though this one is more of an “I wish” as opposed to an “I think”. It would make sense though, as it would allow a setup for ‘Mania, where we all presume he will wrestle at least one more time.  I just think having him in the Rumble, for a possible last time, would be too good to miss. Plus, it would be nice to give him a final run with the title, even if it is just a couple months.

Otherwise, my money is on two NXT names-Sami Zayn or Samoa Joe. Perhaps Zayn doesn’t really count, but he does tick off the usual boxes-coming back from injury, timing is right, etc. Joe would be a nice surprise, and could use the Rumble appearance to build toward an eventual main roster debut similar to what Rusev did a couple years ago.

Truth be told, I almost wish they’d expanded this year’s to 40 men again.

Joseph Lisnow:

Look for Triple H to make his long awaited return and at the same time leave WWE Champion. People use to complain when Triple H was champion, feeling he only had the belt because of his relationship with Stephanie McMahon. It’s been years (about seven) since Triple H had gold and his number of matches per year has been decreasing as he shifts focus to the corporate side.

I think the WWE will have several surprise Royal Rumble entrants, but none bigger than Triple H. A win for Triple H lets his program with Roman Reigns now center around the title. Look for Reigns to have the match won before Triple H pops up and claims the title using heel tactics. The timing is perfect for a Triple H return and hopefully he leaves as WWE Champion. 10 years ago, I would never ask for Triple H to be champion but he’s due; even long overdue for a COO.

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  • Victor82

    Triple H for sure. And if his possible contracts allows him, maybe The Rock. If he’s cleared, maybe Sting will make and appearance too. Bringing back D-Bryan in this match, will be a big mistake for the WWE, unless he wins the match everybody else would be booed. I want to see Kane in the Rumble too, to continue his record of most appearances in royal rumble history. Taker is on my list of possible surprises too.

  • The Middle Finger

    Michaels returning for one night and superkicking a few guys over the top rope would be pretty sweet to see.

    • Joseph Lisnow

      sweet, but i hope he stays retired like he promised.

      • The Middle Finger

        Yeah just like Flair did :)

        Oh wait…

  • Voice of Truth and Reason

    Instead of HHH just entering why not have him come with a stable of hungry NXT boys…Joe, Corbin, maybe a debuting AJ…would be great if they could pull off a Balor Club…even putting the belt on Balor…..that way it wouldnt be a feud that ends after mania…but one to carry a year+

  • Voice of Truth and Reason

    And…. I am CALLING OUT “THE NEW NATION”….you boys better be on your A-game tonight.
    You all have been mailing it in the last couple weeks…I need entertainment !!

    Don’t sing it…..bring it.

  • Warren Roby

    Austin Aries.
    AJ Styles.
    Spike Dudley (For storyline purposes after the Rumble. Which will mean the Dudley boyz win the pre show match).
    Randy Orton.

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