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Ask WNZ: Does Undertaker Make A Surprise Rumble Return?

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It’s the silly season for WWE. With the Royal Rumble, we always get an unexpected return, a surprise or two. Sometimes that surprise wins the whole thing (Cena). Other times, it’s just a trip down memory lane. But as we’ve been on an unofficial retirement tour for The Undertaker…would the Phenom come back as a surprise entrant on Sunday?

Dorathy Gass:

It’s absolutely possible the Undertaker makes a surprise return for the Rumble; and the end of the day, any surprise entrant is ‘possible’. Still, on the cusp of Wrestlemania 32, it wouldn’t be shocking if the Undertaker showed up at the Rumble (disclaimer: now, anything he does during the match or pay-per-view – any attacks made, any back stabbings – may be surprising) – but him being there per se, would not be.

John Deegan:

Honestly, with the cluster that has been the buildup to the Rumble this year? This would absolutely be an acceptable and needed surprise. Of course, as I wrote elsewhere, I would not just have the gong hit and have him wave his hand, smile and be tossed out. Nope. Not me. If you have ‘Taker show up-and be involved in-Sunday’s Rumble…you have him win the whole thing.

Having him just be there, to be seen and adored? Many people could consider that a really good night.

But I have no doubt that, should Undertaker be out and about come Sunday night, it would be to set up something big. Something for WrestleMania. And what would be bigger for ‘Mania than a WWE Championship match where one of the combatants is arguably the most popular wrestler over the last 2+ decades?

Putting it simply? If Undertaker becomes one half of the WrestleMania main event, almost regardless of who he’d be facing, that becomes a really strong, and incredibly marketable, main event. McMahon and company would no doubt love to sell fans a WWE Championship match of ‘Taker and Lesnar, or ‘Taker and just about anyone else.

Plus, considering that the Rumble is generally an hour of chaos with the entrances and eliminations, one could only excitedly imagine the reactions as Undertaker’s gong hit, the arena lights go down, and the Dead Man makes his eerie entrance, time be damned. The crowd would pop, and I’d imagine there would be some hilarious in-ring responses as well.

Joseph Lisnow:

Seeing Undertaker in the Royal Rumble would be a nice surprise, though unnecessary. Undertaker retiring this year is debatable; maybe “The Deadman” doesn’t even know and he’s playing it by ear. For the Undertaker to make a rare appearance, he needs to win and I don’t see him walking into WrestleMania 32 with any title or leaving with gold. The belt could be used to elevate someone else, like Roman Reigns. The WWE could do an angle where the lights go out and the gong sounds to distract someone in the match (an angle the WWE has successfully done in the past). That would make an easy setup for WrestleMania. With Reigns, Chris Jericho, and Brock Lesnar already in the match, there is credible talent to feature. I’m always glad to see Undertaker appear, just not this Sunday. Build the Rumble match around the planned winner and use that momentum to make them a bigger. Undertaker is already a super-star with a Rumble win to his name and is not needed to sell Sunday’s card.

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  • Philip Hollett

    Wouldn’t be surprised to see him, although I don’t see the point of him being in the Rumble aside from to set up his final WM match. Although I would prefer it is he showed up and announced his retirement and announce he is going into the 2016 HoF. Possibly getting jumped by someone (Wyatt maybe) setting up for his final ever match win or lose.

    • Lisa

      There’s no chance of Taker getting inducted this year. With Sting already announced, who will headline if Taker is added? WWE needs a big name for the 2017 (and subsequent years too) Hall of Fame ceremony and there aren’t many top stars (apart from The Rock) left.

      • JMD

        Hunter and Rock could be the next two after Undertaker headlines a class. in no particular order.

        if mark henry hangs up the boots soon, he could go as a headliner too, though obviously not the same level as the previous 3.

        • Lisa

          HHH, just like, Vince doesn’t want to get into the Hall anytime soon because he doesn’t want to be perceived as retired.
          Big Show and Kane would be headliners too. They’ll both surely retire in the next few years.

  • Mike

    I wouldn’t have him in. He shouldn’t go into mania as champ. He doesn’t need it. He could main event it without the title anyway, also as pointed out up top you don’t really wanna see him tossed out. Maybe if he is some how cheated out of it by a potential big name mania opponent it could work well.

  • Hawk HENRY #NewNation ??

    The only way I see Taker at Rumble is if Bray wins and he challenges him to a title match at Mania

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