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Ask WNZ: Will Anyone Help Cena?

Week in and week out, it seems we are being subjected to regular beatings of John Cena at the hands of The Club. Now, while I am quite certain many fans enjoy it, seeing the same thing over and over does tend to get old. So will the woefully outgunned Cena get some backup? If so, who?

Dorathy Gass:

At first, it seemed as if The New Day was going to come in for the save, and equal out the numbers for John Cena; but for now, I don’t see anyone coming to Cena’s help. Should anyone help him? Im not really sure if he has any true allies on the roster right now. In fact, I think Cena’s simply going to fight this fight on his own. While anything could change, especially with so many new NXT talent coming into the roster, as well as speculated former WWE (older) talent, thanks to draft. One could throw out a name like Finn Balor, coming to Cena’s aid. Balor has made it no secret on social media, that he just may be debuting on the main roster … soon. And with Balor’s history with The Club, coming out to help Cena seems like a scenario that could be woven into this storyline. Still, for now, I see John Cena, battling Styles and The Club, for a quite a bit, alone. What may happen after the July 19th draft, is anyone guess. If he does get help, it may be from someone who has yet to hit the main roster.

John Deegan:

Every week, I’ve anxiously awaited someone’s music hitting in order to make the save. When New Day entered the fray one week, I figured maybe we’d get backup-by-committee, but seeing as we’ve seen no one come to his aid since? Who knows what’s going to happen.

The most logical option was The Usos, considering they aligned with cousin Roman against The Club. But The Usos tend to get a bit of heat, so plugging them in with Cena could be disastrous. So, if not them, then who?

I favor a couple singles stars signing on, that’s how I see it going. But who? To further the New Era versus the Old Guard mentality (while ignoring Luke Gallows’ first run with the company), I start with one guy whom we have not seen in way too long: Randy Orton. Now, while I think Orton might work better as a heel, for now this would work. And it sets up an eventual turn down the road too, if WWE is thinking about giving us Cena-Orton 5,0000.

Which leaves us with one slot open. And, I hate to say it, but I don’t see this being a great spot. If Ryback had decided to stick around, he could have been the foil to Gallows, but he took his ball and went home. This could be a nice sunset spot for Big Show or Mark Henry, but I think either guy is too far over the hill to really fit into this feud. So honestly, I say this is unsettled until the draft. Perhaps Big Cass and Enzo are split, and Cena recruits Cass? I am honestly not even feeling strongly about any ideas  here.

But, Cena should get help. It’s too good a feud for him not to get some, and if WWE leverages it well? Could be a huge boost.

Joseph Lisnow:

I think John Cena might be doing battle on his own. The Club have history with The Usos, but they’re better associated with Roman Reigns. Finn Balor is always an option. We’ve mostly assumed he’s joining the main roster and heading to The Club. Even with Balor, Cena would still be down a man.

If the WWE wants to make it interesting, toss The Dudley Boyz in there. If they save Cena from a beating, they become instant faces. Then the veterans can build some momentum and get back in the tag title picture once they’re done helping Cena. While Cena fights AJ Styles, I like the idea of Dudley Boyz vs. Luke Gallows & Karl Anderson.

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  • KingBack

    Balor would be the best option

  • biz

    Doubt they’re gonna split Enzo and cass. If they decide to push cass as a singled star, Enzo will probably manage him is my guess. But agree that it’s hard to predict.

    • Joseph Lisnow

      i think wwe was impressed with Big Cass’ short singles run.

  • T-Rock (#TeamHollywood)

    The only person I can see helping Cena would be Orton considering the whole old era thing plus Randy needs something to do when he comes back and I don’t know any faces he could feud with as a heel at the moment.

  • Bite Me You Loser

    Front end has Cena’s back!

  • MEH

    Cryme Tyme lol I either see Dudleys or them bring Balor myself.

  • jcice13

    I would think that at some point they’re going to have different guys tagging with him but Cena doesn’t need any help he can bury people all by his lonesome he’s 1/3 of the way there now

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