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Ask WNZ: Who Will Brock Lesnar Crush First?

This coming RAW marks the return of Brock Lesnar. So it’s worth asking: who is he going after first?

Dorathy Gass:

It’s anyone’s guess, but I would say Roman Reigns. It’s almost been a year since Brock Lesnar lost his WWE World Heavyweight Championship, and his feud with The Undertaker really distracted him when it came to regaining the title. He lost the title thanks to Rollins’ cash-in of his MITB briefcase at Wrestlemania, and the rematch at Battleground in July ended in DQ. Really, Lesnar should’ve gotten another shot in at the title (but he then came The Undertaker …); so when Lesnar does return, I think he’ll be focused on the ‘prize’ so to speak. As Reigns is currently the WWE World Heavyweight Champion, Lesnar’s eye will be focused on him.

 John Deegan:

I have a few thoughts on this.

First, why does it have to be one guy? If Brock comes back as Brock the Beast, and we have no reason to think he wouldn’t, then have him destroy anyone that moves and isn’t named Heyman. It makes sense. Just have him remind everyone who the Beast is.

Second, Reigns is the obvious choice. I am betting that Lesnar throws his hat into the Rumble, especially since (unless WWE changes something) they made the Rumble match effectively for the WWE Title. Brock was never pinned for it in 2015, so logic would point to him wanting his belt back.

If I were any WWE Superstar on RAW this week, I’d have my head on a swivel watching out for Lesnar.

Joseph Lisnow:

Brock Lesnar can do as he pleases and he’s about personal accomplishments, so an announcement about being in the Royal Rumble is due. I say Lesnar makes the call and out comes Big Show. They get into a brawl, which ends in Lesnar sending Big Show over the top via an F5. It’s simple and puts Lesnar back in the spotlight. Or, WWE could have Lesnar destroy Bo Dallas and New Day. WWE’s pick. Just glad Lesnar is back.

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  • MikeLo #NewNation

    It will be the new job squad

  • Mostafa Majzoub

    I believe it wont be new day with them being champs and so over

  • Si Nicholls

    I would of thought he will come out and destroy Heath Slaters newest version of 3MB tonight, announce he will be in the Rumble and then after that who knows, WWE won’t want either Brock or the pretender Roman to look weak so he could randomly attack midcarders like Ziggler, Stardust ect for the next couple of weeks before the actual Rumble takes place

  • Buss da 6’1

    Not the new day

  • Zack

    Rusev would be fun. I’d like to see a verbal exchange between Paul E and Lana.

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