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Ask WNZ: Will We Ever Call Them Bullet Club?

Or, any other similiar moniker, for that matter? We all know AJ has worked with Gallows and Anderson, It’s been mentioned, a lot, on the broadcasts. So do we ever get a formal stable? Or does WWE go in a different direction?

Dorathy Gass:

As the storyline is moving now, I don’t think we will see a new faction in these three. Babyface Styles continues to want to work with Anderson and Gallows; but as Karl and Doc continue to try and cross the line in matches/cheat, we are seeing Styles  holding back. There seems to be an underlying struggle between these three men that makes me think that after Extreme Rules, a program will most likely center around Styles going head-to-head with his former faction mates. Alas, programs can swerve, and go other directions, so I could be wrong – but I think these men will only further drift apart, rather than get closer.

John Deegan:

If we don’t have it by Extreme Rules, then I think it’s going to be a while. It’s funny to me…WWE won’t turn Reigns heel, even though the fans treat him mostly like he is. And now they almost seem to be toying with the idea of AJ in a heelish faction. Problem is, AJ, Gallows and Anderson are getting strong positive responses from the fans. I think fans are at the point now where, you could have them-all three-go full heel, and they might get even more over than they are now. Crowds know them, they know what they can do, and more important, they are tired of having guys like Reigns and The Usos force fed to them. This is one time I think WWE needs to give the fans what they want, give us a nice, new-to-us faction, and turn Roman and his cousins heel. It would be good for business. Or, at least it won’t be bad for it.

Joseph Lisnow:

I don’t think WWE will officially make these three a stable. Gallows and Anderson will always be there for AJ Styles; like the extra back up people forget about until their music hits. If WWE was to give the group a name, they want to make a spinoff of the Bullet Club name; while being careful to not break copyright laws. On the chance Finn Balor joins, then I can see WWE going forward with everyone involved. Gallows and Anderson being booked as heels has allowed some of that to brush onto Styles; which has surprisingly worked well. I’m more concerned about the storylines for Styles, Gallows & Anderson and not a name.

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  • The Shockmaster

    WWE won’t do anything that would take the focus off Reigns.

    • JFJ

      It has nothing to do with Reigns. They aren’t and never will be called “The Bullet Club” because “The Bullet Club” name is trademarked by New Japan. That’s why WWE has been selling Balor Club merchandise. That’s also why the team of Gallows and Anderson is known as The Good Brothers (which was said by Michael Cole on last week’s RAW) and why they (meaning Gallows & Anderson) refer to themselves as The Club (also said by Michael Cole on last week’s RAW).

      • siddus

        Nail, Head, Hit.

        As far as naming goes there’s only 2 likely routes. If it’s going to be these 3 then they’ll name it Bulletproof (already trademarked by WWE since Anderson + Gallows signed), and if they go with Balor joining they’ll call it Balor Club (with them probably turning on Styles).

        Honestly, everything in this and the above post are basic facts that make this a real non-question. The “writers” of this site really ought to be aware of them, particularly as most were reported in the “news” section of this very site.

    • jcice13

      stop it

  • Michael Ray Phillips Jr

    WWE bought the “Bullet Club” name for use the USA. ITs why Kenny omega, young guns, and Hall are going by the name the ELITE.

    • JFJ

      They’re known as Bullet Club Elite in Japan as well and have been ever since Anderson Gallows, and Styles left.

      • Michael Ray Phillips Jr

        actually by the t-shirt sales from NJPW themeselves. WWE owns the rights to Bullet Club in the USA right now. and They are called “The Elite” not bullet club elite.

        • ‘Drowen Hart #NN #NBNC ?????

          WWE doesn’t own the “Bullet Club” name. If they did, they would have used it by now….

      • Michael Ray Phillips Jr

        but only in the usa

  • jcice13

    you just did

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