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Ask WNZ: Who Will Get To Cash In?

The staff at WNZ have been tackling many Money in the Bank questions. This one? Who is getting the briefcase? Who gets to cash in?

John Deegan:

With six to choose from, there are plenty of scenarios to go toward. I am favoring two candidates, though any of them obviously could win it.

Option 1: Alberto Del Rio. It pains me to even say it, but the man is a master heel. Now that he’s out of the awful League of Nations, it’s perfect timing to reboot him. And what better way than by giving him another run with the magical briefcase? I can’t think of much better, and I think it’s a very real possibility.

Option 2: Kevin Owens. This one is pretty obvious, as the man who has held the Intercontinental Championship has done quite well since arriving on the main roster. Nothing has ever seemed too big for him, and he’s owned every moment he’s had to. Seeing him with the briefcase on a regular basis? It just makes sense.

I would love to have predicted a babyface winner here, but looking at recent history, it doesn’t make much sense.

Joseph Lisnow:

For me, RAW spoiled the ending to the Money in the Bank match. The way Dean Ambrose got involved in the business between Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns shows where WWE is headed. Ambrose winning makes sense as he’s always over and simply has been unable to claim the grandest prize in wrestling.

While I’m not sure if Ambrose will be successful in his cash in, at least he’s in the main event picture. Maybe, WWE had the former Shield members in a segment to shock the crowd as someone else wins. If Ambrose doesn’t get the briefcase, my backup pick is Kevin Owens.

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  • Mike

    I’m with lisnow. Ambrose is my pick, I believe wwe see him as a level slightly above the rest of the field when it comes to the main event scene. Owens would be my back up too. But I can’t see past ambrose. The guy is so
    Over and always seems to win.

    • Joseph Lisnow

      good pick!

  • biz

    Did dorthy quit?

    • Joseph Lisnow

      nope. she’ll be here for MITB.

  • MatthijsKlerkx

    Would love to see a 7th in there. A surprice entrance for Wyatt, not as always involved in the ending of the match but just being a part of the match. And then winning it, of course.

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