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Ask WNZ: Who Will Kevin Owens Feud With First?

Now that KO is the new Universal Champion, the big question now is: who will he feud with first?

Dorathy Gass:

It’s hard to say based on the outcome of the last RAW. Will Kevin Owens simply jump into a feud with Seth Rollins … or maybe Roman Reigns? Will Seth Rollins start a program with Triple H? Is Owens even still a heel? Is Rollins a face? Why did Triple H do what he did? So many unanswered questions right now. Here’s how I think it will unfold: Owens and Rollins will start a program where Triple H is in KO’s corner. HHH will be the deciding factor in the program, where Owens will emerge the victor. This will essentially start up a feud between HHH and Rollins. Will it be a Wrestlemania match? Could be, it’s hard to say what other plans the WWE might have for Rollins leading up to the big event, but KO’s title win story has more to do with animosity between Rollins and HHH right now, than anything else.

John Deegan:

This one is so challenging to guess, because, really, that’s all this is going to be-an educated guess. I see a few choices.

First, the laziest option: A triple threat match between the final three in Monday’s match-Owens, Rollins and Reigns. I cringe typing this one out, but it’s the easiest option, and I expect the most likely.

Second, pick one of Reigns or Rollins. The x factor here? That would be if Hunter is popping up on TV next week, and if so, does he get embroiled in a feud with Seth Rollins, since I do believe they’d be wise to play that up more than Hunter/Reigns, since we’ve seen that one already, and fans just don’t want more Reigns. A Reigns/Hunter program could be disastrous for Reigns.
Third is a play on the first, and I guess I’d have to say it’s not necessarily lazy, but predictable: a triple threat match to determine the #1 contender. Though, since Cass was eliminated before Hunter got involved, and it’s a reasonable statement to say he shouldn’t be factoring into the title picture yet, if anything, I would say a one on one between Rollins and Reigns, winner fights Owens.

Fourth? For that, I say ignore the participants in the fatal fourway. This means we could see someone like Sami Zayn, with a rich history with Owens, challenge. Or what about Owens’ own partner of late? Surely Jericho could provide an excellent challenge, and I bet those two would work a very strong match.

Not very helpful, I know, but I think who faces Owens first is a wide open question.

Joseph Lisnow:

The obvious three choices seem to be Seth Rollins, Roman Reigns and Big Cass considering they were part of the fatal four-way match. Big Cass has championship material, but that is still at least two years away. Reigns isn’t over with fans and seems to have annoyed WWE, so he might be headed back to his United States Championship program with Rusev. That leaves Rollins, who appears to be a face after Triple H turned on him. We’ll know more on Monday when Rollins breaks his silence about what happened. There’s also Chris Jericho, who just started teaming with Kevin Owens. Jericho is about helping the younger generation of wrestlers and working with Owens seems like the perfect opportunity. Rollins and/or Jericho should be working the next program with Universal Champion Owens.

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