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Ask WNZ: Will Any Recent Releases Find Success?

As everyone should know by now, on May 6, WWE had a fairly significant purge of talent-or, of wrestlers, at least. There were some notables amongst the cuts, such as Wade Barret and Damien Sandow. As has happened in the past, some of these releases are going to end up working for other ventures, such as TNA or Ring of Honor. Some of them may eventually come back to WWE, too. So who do we expect to find success in other promotions, and who might eventually return to WWE?

Dorathy Gass:

It’s a toss up between Damien Sandow and Wade Barrett I’d say. Both do have a huge fan base; both were even considered contenders for the World Heavyweight title at one point during their WWE tenure. I’d also say, fans wanted WWE to do so much more with their characters; they wanted to see these superstars get a solid push. Sadly, injuries fell in the way for Barrett; but it is still quite puzzling as to what really held Sandow back. Regardless, I feel like Barrett left on his own accord, wanting a release and receiving it earlier than expected. He may move onto another promotion, or he may have other things in mind for life, and different career goals. Regardless, of the group, I see these two going the farthest, and Alex Riley potentially not being too far behind. In terms of a WWE return? I’d say Wade Barrett is your best bet, with Sandow a distant second.

John Deegan:

Easy money on Wade or Damien, as they are the two men with the most talent in the group, and both are not long in the tooth. I could very easily see TNA making a play for both, though the challenge is going to be with TNA’s tenuous existence-so, between the non-competes and the financial status, either man might have to wait months before they can make any kind of impact. My dark horse favorite? Lucha Underground, as these guys could excel there, much as the former John Morrison is, and similar to how Del Rio did before coming back to WWE.

Speaking of coming back, I think either man could return. For Sandow, it would be 3rd time is the charm (hopefully), but I think he could be an excellent candidate, since word was he was not released because he was looked poorly upon, but was just the unlucky guy in the locker room. I have a feeling we haven’t seen the last of Sandow in a WWE ring.

Joseph Lisnow:

Either Damien Sandow or Wade Barrett will continue to still be a major name. Not both wrestlers; just one name. Based off some interviews from Barrett, I think he’s going to take a break from wrestling and focus on acting. He’ll likely take some big money matches, but he’s headed for England’s version of Hollywood.

Now, where Sandow lands will greatly matter. While there’s nobody close to WWE, there are lots of promotions fighting for the number two and three spot. If Sandow wants to wrestle in the United States, he should work the Indy scene. Make money that way before deciding for ROH, TNA or GFW. To me, TNA is sinking and no point in joining a company known to not pay on time. GFW don’t seem like big players, but Sandow’s gimmick could get over there. That leaves ROH, which works if Sandow showcases wrestling and does not rely much on his gimmick. Otherwise there is AAA in Mexico, NJPW in Japan, and other overseas promotions that might want to take a look at Sandow.

There were close to 10 names released, though nothing shocking. Barrett leaving was rumored and Sandow’s always been on the shopping block. Honestly, if no names from the group became stars, it wouldn’t be a shock.

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  • jcice13

    what do you classify as success??? stardom? having a job in the business? or maybe in a year or 2 being brought back to the WWE, like ADR was?

  • ‘Drowen Hart #NN #NBNC ?????

    I don’t think TNA could afford one of them or the both of them lol.

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