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Ask WNZ: The Women’s Alpha?

With Charlotte dominating the women’s division, it’s worth asking: who becomes that division’s alpha babyface?

Dorathy Gass:

I love this question, and an alpha baby face is absolutely needed within the women’s division, and fast. I love the fact that the storylines are getting stronger for the women, lines are being drawn, characters are connecting with the audience, and more than one program has been established. The only obstacle right now, is an obstacle the entire roster has faced for a while now, and that is injuries. Naomi was out of action, and seems to have just returned to house shows. Tamina, Emma, and now it also seems like Sasha has been sidelined (with a concussion); and this injury could very well affect SummerSlam plans for Banks. While Sasha would’ve been the obvious choice as the alpha baby face, I can understand how this would all now be up in the air. My choice? In light of Sasha’s injury, I think Paige needs to be placed in the forefront. I also love Becky Lynch, and thinks she’s had a strong connection with the WWE audience, but she’s also enjoyed the spotlight quite a bit as of late; yet still makes for a good choice as top face for the women.

John Deegan:

I think the obvious choice was the injured Sasha Banks, but the timing is off. Becky is just getting back into things, so she could be a good option, and there’s also Paige, who has sort of been overshadowed now by the new imports. And there’s still no reason why Natalya couldn’t be, though as the elder statesman of the division, the odds aren’t in her favor.

But at the end of the day, there needs to be a Yin to Charlotte’s Yang. The division needs and deserves to have a lead babyface, it’s female John Cena.

And I can’t help but wonder if that person isn’t currently on the NXT roster. As in Bayley.

I think, especially now that she has dropped the NXT women’s title, that it’s likely time for her to come up. She appears ready, and having dropped the title there really isn’t much left for her to accomplish in NXT. A Charlotte/Bayley feud would be as engaging as any other possibility, and could easily be a Summer long program.

Joseph Lisnow:

I really want to say Sasha Banks, but it seems like WWE has forgotten about her. So, I’m going with Bayley. We haven’t seen Bayley make the transition to the main roster, though it should be coming at any moment. It’s certainly about a year past due. I think Bayley will be the one who dethrones Charlotte as she quickly approaches a year with the title. If Bayley can get a similar reaction on the main roster like in NXT, she could be a major player in the women’s division and I’m all for it.

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  • Deano Wilkins

    Yep wwe has forgotten about sasha banks. Nothing to do with her being injured at all.

    • ‘Drowen Hart #NN #NBNC ?????

      They’re supposedly gearing her up for Summerslam so maybe it will happen.

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