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Ask WNZ: Women’s Division-Too Much Or Not Enough?

-This one came to us on Monday, wondering what folks think of the utilization of the Women’s Division, and whether they are getting enough time, or not enough-in light of the women having only one match on RAW, but a couple backstage segments.

Dorathy Gass:

I’m actually loving what they are doing with the women as of late. Sure, there hasn’t been many matches on RAW that past few episodes; but on in all, I love the fact that creative is developing two-tier storylines for the division. Only a year ago, the only women’s program the fans would see is one that revolved around the Divas title. Today, we have a title race program (currently involving Charlotte and Nattie), and a second tier storyline developing between heel Emma, and Becky Lynch. With Dana Brookes debuting last Monday Night RAW, I’m personally quite content with the way women’s wrestling continues to evolve within the WWE. As I understand, there are some divas out on injury, or recovering from surgery (i.e. Tamina and Naomi); and Sasha is probably taking a breather since she may be hitting the spotlight (and title race picture) soon, come SummerSlam season.

John Deegan:

I look at it like this: you look at where the Women’s Division is today, and you have to say that it’s come a long way. But it’s still got plenty of room for improvement, or rather, growth.

As Dor indicated, even if we aren’t getting an acceptable ratio of women’s matches for the number of women on the roster, they are also getting substantive programs, complete with backstage segments and whatnot. This is good, because in years past we would have never seen a Becky/Emma type exchange, unless one of the women was the champion.

But while that is improvement, there’s a lot left to do. I think, when warranted, WWE ought to feel fine about giving the top of the hour slot or the main event slot to a women’s match. And I think, even if it wouldn’t fly (yet) for one of the Big Four, it’s time to talk about a women’s match main eventing a PPV. Sasha versus Charlotte, Sasha versus Becky, or others, is perfectly capable of being the best show on a card-this was proven at WrestleMania.

There is no reason why we can’t get 2 strong matches for the women on a weekly basis. And as the fans have proven, if the action is good, they won’t care who is in the ring.

Joseph Lisnow:

First, I think there’s a major difference between a promo and a match. Unless your someone like The Rock or Steve Austin, who can get the crowd to pop based off a taped promo. A match means you get to compete in the ring with thousands present and millions at home watching every move.

The divas only got one match on RAW with several backstage segments tossed in. Compared to a year ago, the divas division has dramatically changed. Charlotte, Sasha Banks and Becky Lynch showed other divas the current talent in NXT. Then of course those three ladies had the match of night at WrestleMania 32, which is a first in the event’s history.

Do they deserve more TV time in the ring? Yes and no. The names coming out of NXT are producing the matches fans want to see. Before the divas revolution, those on the main roster were getting stale. They’d all fought each other and switched who was face or heel several times. If WWE keeps producing more fresh wrestlers and storylines from NXT, then they deserve more TV time.

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