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Ask WNZ: Does WWE Give Up On Reigns, Push Lesnar?

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With Brock getting a huge pop upon his return on the January 11th RAW, it begs the question: Would WWE bail on the on-again, off-again Reigns push, and push The Beast yet again?

Dorathy Gass:

First off – and I know I’m going to get into hot water for saying this – but solely based on the reaction Reigns has been receiving as of late on RAW and SmackDown, I’d say he is over with the fans. Sure, there are some out there on the internet who don’t like Reigns, and maybe never will, there will also be fans in the crowd as such. Still, he is getting the reaction of a top WWE star. Reigns is getting the pops on RAW, the cheers, and a huge reaction while on promos. Doesn’t hurt he’s been going toe-to-toe with WWE Brass, moreover Triple H, Steph, and VKM; but, still. This current momentum is exactly what WWE Officials have wanted for Reigns, for a very long time, and I don’t think anything is really going to change heading into Wrestlemania (where Reigns is concerned). As WWE World Heavyweight Champion, I think the WWE will further build on his current momentum. Still, the company doesn’t have to sacrifice one push, for another. Sure, (especially after the January 11th edition of RAW), it seems we could be headed down a road where Reigns versus Lesnar just may headline Wrestlemania 32 – it’s apparent that Lesnar and his Advocate Paul Heyman sure want to skip the Royal Rumble step in all of this – but really, the WWE could continue with Reigns’ momentum and give Lesnar a face push, especially if the two don’t end up with  a program leading up to the flagship event. If they do in fact end up in a feud, and the main event match repeats itself from last WM, I just don’t see the WWE giving up on Reigns, especially when he is finally experiencing some of the popularity they have wanted him to experience, for a  long while now.

John Deegan:

It probably wouldn’t be a horrible idea. Reigns now is over more than ever, but that’s also not saying much.

I am not unwilling to admit that Reigns is getting pops now. But, it’s impossible to ignore that the pop Lesnar gets, that some megastars like Austin or The Rock get, are entirely different than what Reigns is receiving. WWE wants, desperately, for Reigns to get those kinds of pops. The challenge? Those kinds of pops are not manufactured. They have to be built up organically. Ambrose got over, but was not shoved down our throats. Rollins did as well. Looking to the past, The Rock, Austin and other huge stars were not driven down our gullets until we acquiesced and adored them. It happened because things just progressed in that direction. And I keep coming back to that point as the biggest issue with Reigns getting over. He was over as part of a babyface Shield, but likely over as part of the collective. He’s not been able to recapture that solo. Perhaps when Rollins returns later in the year, the three need to reunite. Or just keep Reigns off the mic as much. They have to change something up, because it just feels forced.

That being said, while I could see a Lesnar push, I am beginning to think someone other than these two leave the Rumble as champion.

Joseph Lisnow:

It has taken more time than the WWE wanted, but Roman Reigns seems to be slowly growing on fans. It could be The Authority angle that’s helped or how he’s finally wearing the WWE Championship. While Brock Lesnar is a bigger star, he’s not around every week. Lesnar comes and goes because he can with a lucrative contract. Reigns is young and the WWE will need a main attraction in the near future that is there week-in and week-out. John Cena’s latest injury shows that time is catching up on his body. Reigns might not be the most popular guy on WWE’s roster, but they invested too much time and money to simply move on. The emergency exit period passed almost a year ago.

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  • IM MAD JOHNSON #NewNation

    I’m no Reigns fan but at this point if you stop his push you could set his career back 5 years WWE made this bed now lay in it and shut up

  • The Shockmaster

    Never Give Up

  • ‘Drowen Hart #NewNation ??

    Push Brock? Brock has been pushed since he broke Taker’s streak at Wrestlemania lol and he’s one of the few they have done well with in terms of booking. Vince has done all he can to get Roman over and it’s working for the moment. You don’t push somebody out of the main event mix just because somebody else is coming back. Either add him (the wrestler is coming back) in the main event storyline unless it makes sense or put him in a different storyline, try to maintain their popularity and then put him in the main event spotlight.

  • Lisa

    Why would WWE give up on him? He’s already over and with John Cena out of action, he’s the only full-time wrestler worthy of the top face spot.

    • Damian Starr

      They have plenty of faces they could push to top face spot, Dean ambrose or Neville spring to mind but they just don’t want to…

      • Lisa

        You actually think Ambrose and Neville have what it takes to top faces? Are you freaking kidding me?

        • El Marichachi

          Ambrose is way better all around than reigns

          • Lisa

            Of course not, El Torito.
            Ambrose has average charisma and he’s pretty poor in the ring. His look doesn’t exactly scream “top face” either.
            He’s above average on the mic though. I’ll give him that.

          • El Marichachi

            light years in every category too bad,their toned down moxleys style

          • Lisa

            El Torito, forget about Moxley. Stop living in the past.
            We’re talking about Am-BORE-s here.

          • The Shockmaster

            Reigns has average charisma too. Ah I guess WWE has to try something

          • Lisa

            But he has the look. He’s way more athletic in the ring than Ambrose too.

          • The Shockmaster

            Reigns looks like me :)

          • Lisa

            You’re Samoan too?

          • The Shockmaster

            Nah, I just wear a black protective vest everywhere 😀

          • Lisa


      • Philip Hollett

        Neville is a decent wrestler, but he is not even mid card title contender because he is hopeless on a mic. He has zero personality, and I am not knocking him, I have never seen him with a mic in hand in WWE so no idea what character he is meant to be.

        Dean Ambrose is a lot like Roddy Piper, people love him, he has charisma, but he simply is not a big match wrestler. Nothing wrong with him, and maybe he can hold the title at some point. He could be Macho Man, to Reigns’ Hogan.

        • Damian Starr

          @IAmLisa:disqus too

          While I suppose I may be bias as I’m from near where Neville comes from, so I can understand him perfectly when he speaks. He may not be a top face but he could fill the DB underdog small guy role, and if they were worried that a DB return may undermine reigns, then having Neville in that position would make it less likely. He has potential to be a lot more than lower mid card.

          I thoroughly believe that Ambrose is one of the most versatile wrestlers anywhere, whilst he isn’t a master technician as such, he can wrestle any type of match and has a character that fans can invest in, (something that IMO reigns doesn’t have) so why couldn’t he?

          You can’t survive keeping just one top face guy and a dozen weak looking heels. WWE needs to push people up to that point where they have several wrestlers in the position to step up should a cena or a reigns get injured. Seriously we are one or two more huge injury away from having Big show and Kane feuding over the title… again (ok maybe not but you get my point)

          NB. I refrained from saying NXT talent to step up as 1) I don’t now enough about them and 2) I’m sure vince has gone on record to say he’s not keen on a quick fix call up because what do you do with them after

  • Philip Hollett

    Keep Reigns in the main event but also elevate others. Back in the Attitude Era the main event scene was always ate least 5 or 6 people. These days it is all one person or nothing. Austin, Angle, Kane, Undertaker, Rock,HHH all main eventers at the same time.

    Now WWE have this stupid ‘Face of the Company’ mentality where only 1 person matters. They have reverted back to the Hogan era style where you have superman, then build up some bad guys for him to knock down……

    It is like going back to eating McDonalds after a few years eating at Black Angus.

  • jeff

    Reigns barley gets a reaction from the crowd. I guess that’s better than the negative reactions he has received in the past. He needs a lot more work to be the top face. His mic skills are awful and he needs better wrestling moves in his repertoire. Cena has at least adapted his wrestling skills over the last year and a half. I agree with the Phillip who compared Ambrose to Macho Man and Piper. Both guys had tons of charisma and could carry a main event. They should be developing more than one face of the company. Too bad HHH and CM Punk couldn’t get along and Daniel Bryan got hurt.

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