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Ask WNZ: Should WWE Hold Live Events During RAW?

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It doesn’t happen often, but from time to time, it’s been done. WWE will have a live RAW, while also having a competing house show somewhere else. Yes, WWE has a lot of talent under contract, so clearly they have depth to run two shows simulataneously. But should they?

Dorathy Gass:

It doesn’t happen often, but there are times when WWE live events are booked during the same time slot (or close to) as Monday Night RAW, preventing half the roster to be a part of WWE’s weekly flagship show. Such was the case way back during the December 28th edition, and to be honest, I am puzzled as to why this occurs. In my opinion, unless we are dealing with a special circumstance (i.e. Tribute to the Troops, which still does not interfere with RAW events most times), there should be no exceptions to this rule. While there is never enough time on RAW to spotlight the entire roster, when another live event splits up the talent between two shows, the RAW audiences (both in the crowd and at home) loses. Not that this doesn’t happen anyway, but RAW gets (even more thickened) with pointless promos, there is less actual wrestling, and storylines aren’t able to fully proceed with other feuds going on. RAW just didn’t seem right without the Wyatts, Ziggler, Charlotte, and Sandow (wait no, just kidding, and wishful thinking about that last one). This really should be a non-issue at the end of the day, and I’m sure it was not a fumble on anyone’s part; but there really needs to be no other live events happening anywhere when Monday Night RAW is taking place. Plan and simple.

John Deegan:

This one is simple. Probably not. I mean, if it’s NXT, it’s feasible because they are effectively 2 independent rosters, with little crossover. But a WWE house show, somewhere away from where RAW is, meaning talent is taken away from the show? Bad idea. It means folks at the house show are not getting every Superstar they want to see, and neither are fans on RAW.

I wouldn’t even really be a fan of doing this if it’s not RAW. I think of it kind of like split squad games in Spring Training. They aren’t doing it for the fan benefit in that case-they want to get a chance to evaluate the players in game action. But Spring Training games also are relatively cheap tickets to get, and they are not being broadcast weekly on prime time. And, because it’s a staple of Spring Training and has been for years, fans know if they are going to a split squad game. I’d bet most times the roster is split up for a RAW and competing house show in a different city, a good chunk of fans are unaware of it. Yes, the box office advertises the cards to an extent, but always with the subtext of “card subject to change”. But it doesn’t really cover “card subject to be diminished due to running two shows at once”.

Especially because ratings are doing so badly, WWE owes it to its fans to ensure the product on TV is built off of the best available roster, every week. No excuses.

Joseph Lisnow:

Running a live event and RAW at the same time makes no sense. The main TV attraction for WWE is RAW. It’s been the staple on Monday nights for 23 years and produced some of the greatest moments in the business. When paying to see RAW in person or spending my time watching on the TV, I expect the entire roster to be there—with obvious exceptions like injuries or prior commitments such as filming a movie. The card is always subject to change.

When RAW switched to three hours (which is too much), a main reason was to give more talent a chance to compete. By having talent wrestling in another city, that does me no good. Even before football season RAW didn’t have the best ratings, so they need everyone on deck to keep me interested for three hours. If the WWE ran an NXT show during RAW, that makes a little more sense. It’s not a brilliant idea, but it’s better than using the main roster.

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  • Victor82

    No house shows if there is a taping on that day (raw, smackdown or ppv).

  • MikeLo #NewNation

    Damn that looks good

    • Joseph Lisnow

      ryback: “feed me more.”

  • jcice13

    if they run a show in a smaller town with a couple of names and the rest mid level guys then maybe but they shouldn’t do it because they’re making money on the raw house so they are running a show now if they want to do split squads on non tv days? sure

  • The Shockmaster

    They could have Reigns on RAW and Cena on the house show.

  • si69

    Good question no wait sh*t question

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