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Ask WNZ: Where Will Shane McMahon Take Us?

It’s a bit of a deep question, but here it is:  With Shane running RAW for a 2nd week, what is this building toward? And does it make the ‘Mania stipulation look that much worse?

Dorathy Gass:

I’m  hoping that Shane running RAW for two weeks in a row (maybe a three? Oh please, let there be a third!!!) is a build up to something bigger. I was always under the impression that Shane was going to immediately fade away after Wrestlemania, and with him in charge of RAW the past two weeks, I stand corrected. Perhaps the initial intention was for him to fade away, and maybe Shane’s gotten bite (once again) from the wrestling bug? It would be hard to walk away from the reception and support he’s been getting from the fans as of late. Even if they set up a storyline where he becomes a recurring character (versus staple), it would be truly amazing.

Now, for the bigger question: does it make the Wrestlemania stipulation look worse? I recently wrote an article about this, and I say no. How many times has a wrestler lost a retirement match, only to re-appear on programming months later? It happens, all the time, logic gets thrown out the window, and stipulations tend to lose their weight when it comes to the WWE. And hey, I’m okay with that … as long as I’m entertained. With Shane sticking around, I’m entertained, so I say, who cares what the stipulations were at WM 32? It suited a purpose for the build up, the match was amazing, and having Shane on RAW and within the WWE is entertaining.

It won’t be the first time this has happened within a storyline, and something tells me it won’t be the last.

John Deegan:

On the one hand, yes it is somewhat frustrating to see Shane out running RAW the past two weeks, if only because he hadn’t won the match at WrestleMania, and that was the only way he was supposed to be able to gain control of the show. Not because I haven’t enjoyed Shane, but because it disregards the entire storyline leading into ‘Mania. That drives me crazy.

However, in this case, I think we are witnessing a moment where WWE is making the best of an awkward stipulation. Anyone knew, looking at the match leading into WrestleMania, that it was a horrible decision. Undertaker, in spite of having lost The Streak, could not lose to a non-wrestler. He just couldn’t. But, at the same point in time,  WWE had to notice the huge reaction Shane got, both on his return and when he announced he wanted control of RAW. So, this gives them the best of everything-‘Taker won, we got a much better than expected match, and we still have Shane running RAW. And, I expect, we will get another match with Shane involved. The question with that becomes, do we get it at SummerSlam, or does it happen sooner?

Joseph Lisnow:

I’m not sure where WWE’s headed with this whole Shane McMahon running RAW the past two weeks. With Vince McMahon making less appearances on TV each year, that left Triple H and Stephanie McMahon to fill his role while making their own impression. Since WrestleMania 32, there’s been no sighting of Triple H or Stephanie. So that leaves Shane to run things and it’s refreshing to see him on TV. This isn’t the year 2000, where the McMahon’s are in every major storyline. When Shane returned, the crowd loved it and they don’t seem disappointed that he’s running the show. I don’t think Shane is sticking around the WWE for that long. He might be on TV for a few more months and perhaps it culminates in Triple H vs. Shane at SummerSlam for control. At that point, Shane loses again and we’re back to where we were six months ago.

Shane risking his life at WrestleMania by jumping off the Hell in a Cell seems pointless now. He got his butt kicked, jumped off the Cell and ended up taking a tombstone. All that was for nothing as he’s running RAW, at least for now.

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  • IM MAD JOHNSON #NewNation

    What was the point of the WM match ? Can someone explain how the talents are being suspended for drug use but not the WWE creative team SMH

    • jcice13

      because Mad you’re a moron like me..when we see a match is for loser leaves or if he wins he runs Raw? and then he loses? and still is running Raw? well how stupid are we? I guess we’re the same idiots who saw Vince get blown up in his car only to be on TV the next day lol

  • Si Nicholls

    I’m not bothered by the whole story line doesn’t make sense thing, I have watched enough WWE/WCW/TNA over the years to be realistic enough to know this happens a lot in wrestling.

    I’m enjoying RAW again and surely that’s the point, WWE disconnected with the older audience probably around the time Edge retired and maybe before then, when all we had was Cena, Orten, Batista coming back, HHH, and its seemed like the same faces week in week out, but NXT has helped with this as well, particularly for people like me who don’t get to watch it as Sky have removed it from TV listings. So its fun its entertaining and its a lot of new faces closing the show all with very good in-ring skills, personally I hope Cena/Orten stay away for the rest of the year

    • jcice13

      well I can’t tell you what to be bothered by etc but would you accept something this poorly written in any other field of entertainment? personally I feel like an idiot for being a wrestling fan because the writers treat us like we’re too dumb to realize they’re giving us crap
      and Cena to stay away for the rest of the year??? lol that guy Lisa is going to be very angry with you

  • Mikey Shango #DunDunDuuunnnnnn

    Umm… to Chinatown

  • jcice13

    I’m going to go out on a limb here.shane is going to take us wherever the writers and vince says he will…….

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