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Ask WNZ: Ban The Bucklebomb?

Following Finn Balor winning, and then vacating, the new Universal Title, we figured we could ask our writers-does Seth Rollins need to have his bucklebomb banned?

Dorathy Gass:

I’ve read ramblings on social media, where people are questioning why the Curb Stomp was banned (with no injury), yet the Buckle Bomb is still in circulation. Still, thinking about banning something and abolishing something completely, are two different things. There’s nothing wrong with WWE management getting together and weighing out all the pros and cons. I’m also no expert on in-ring technique, but with this being the third injury at the hands of Seth Rollins, perhaps a talk – or review of his performances – is also needed. I’m not saying to lessen his push, but a slap on the wrists, never hurt anyone. Is it bad luck … or recklessness … that’s not for me to decide. But, there’s no denying facts. And I love Rollins. He’s an awesome superstar that puts on quality matches. I’ve seen him live now, numerous times, and I hate the idea of him facing any major repercussions. But, perhaps his performance when it comes to certain moves, needs to be tightened up.

 John Deegan:

Let’s see. Without even thinking, we’ve got Sting and Finn Balor who are on the shelf following matches with Seth Rollins. Now, I believe Sting said, after the fact, that he didn’t think the move, or the man delivering it, were to blame, but it was just a freak thing. I bet, in time, that Balor will say something similar.

But here’s where I’m coming from. We have people out there-no less a source than Hall of Famer Bret Hart-saying Rollins is unsafe, or at the very least, the bucklebomb maneuver is. And if Bret Hart is thinking it and saying it, you can be sure others are too.

So, where does the truth lie?

Some former wrestlers have said, you really can’t comment unless you’ve done the moves. The bucklebomb, in this case, is at it’s core a back bump. I’ve taken them. Not a lot, I only worked a couple (bad) matches. But I took bumps. These guys-Sting, Balor and others? They’ve probably taken hundreds of thousands. Maybe millions. Let’s call it countless. My point? Some will say the move is fine, these are freak injuries. Some will say the wrestler, or the move, is dangerous. And I would say based on it’s history, I lean toward unsafe.

So, if it’s unsafe, should they ban it?

Probably. I mean, look at how Owen broke Austin’s neck. We don’t see that move anymore, right? And I even think Austin himself said it was a freak accident and didn’t blame Owen for it. The issue between them was more about lack of apologies and clearing the air. The point there? You will find some that call it a freak accident, you will find some that blame the wrestler and want the move banned.

Grand scheme of things? Sorry, Seth, but I’d start looking for a move to replace the bucklebomb.

Joseph Lisnow:

I have to say, the bucklebomb is a dangerous move which needs to be banned. Whether thrown into a barricade or turnbuckle, the move is dangerous. Just ask Sting, who retired due to injuries sustained in a match with Rollins, and Finn Balor, whose WWE push was put on hold at SummerSlam. Just looking at the move, it seems too risky as the person’s body is flung in the air and then they land awkwardly. WWE already banned the curb stomp, which doesn’t seem nearly as dangerous. Rollins has tons of moves in his arsenal and he could lose this one. The bucklebomb has only got Rollins heat from fans, so maybe it’s time to move on. Every time someone takes the move, I cringe a little and think WWE needs to worry about the wrestlers’ safety by banning the move.

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