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Ask WNZ: Disappointed In Ric Flair With Charlotte?

As we’ve been getting more of Ric Flair,with his daughter following in his footsteps, it’s worth asking just how everyone feels about Ric’s involvement with Charlotte. Specifically, have we been disappointed?

Dorathy Gass:

At first, yes. I was actually disappointed that Charlotte turned heel (or was on the cusp of turning heel) in general; and I’ve written about this a few times in regards to the divas division. I would like to see some sort of unstoppable female face for the women. Sadly, the division is bombarded with heels, and this is frustrating on so many different levels. So, as Naitch continued to become more and more involved with Charlotte, I was frustrated that a.) she was turning, b.) that WWE Officials felt she needed her dad to help build her momentum  on the main roster (since she really didn’t need him during her NXT years), and c.) her persona risks living in her dad’s shadow. Alas, the good thing that has happened from all this, is the spotlight Becky Lynch has been given, and her ability to develop as a heroine in the divas division, and create a true connection with the fans. So, while this is not-so-good for Charlotte, and even then, I can’t say Ric’s increased involvement has been all bad for Charlotte; in general, this feud is starting to heat up, and develop nicely. I’m no fortune teller, I can’t say that the same thing would have occurred with, or without Flair; but I can say, I like where this is going now.

John Deegan:

Yes. Simple answer, right?

Allow me to elaborate. Yes, we all know Ric Flair’s history. And we know Charlotte’s hype and bloodline. But did WWE really have to go here?

On one hand, I could understand that Ric helps push Charlotte. She’s not superb on the mic, and perhaps he gives her a bit more comfort and credibility. But, on the other hand? Ric hasn’t exactly been stellar on the mic in recent years either. Whether it’s the chairshots catching up to him, or some other demons, who knows. I don’t particularly care, either. He’s not the worst person to ever serve as a manager, and I get why they did it. But because of the relation and how they are going about it, there will be the inevitable feelings that this is just lazy booking.

In the end, I don’t know if this was done out of a desire to create a new alpha heel Diva, to allow the Bellas to fade away, or because they didn’t think Paige was that alpha heel, or something else entirely. But clearly now, Charlotte is that alpha heel, whether we like it or not.

The one thing I see as a silver lining? We get to enjoy more of Becky. So there’s that.

Joseph Lisnow:

At first I didn’t mind the Flair pairing as a heel status. It was bound to happen. The problem is Ric Flair was always a better heel than face. As for Charlotte, we don’t know yet if she’s meant to be a face or heel. She’s definitely designed to be a wrestler and she picked up the business quick. She came in as such a strong face (easily the star and biggest draw of the Divas Revolution), so making her a heel is a little questionable. I would have rather seen Charlotte work as a face for two years and make a major heel turn. I like the idea of Ric work beside his daughter but after watching several weeks of TV, he’s not helping her. Charlotte got over without Ric by her side once and should be able to continue at the same level of excellence.

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  • Tyler

    eh it’s quite arguable that Sasha Banks was the real star in terms of fan reaction, but WWE brass certainly had high plans for Charlotte from the get go.

    • blove112

      Sasha is black bro. Did u really think that she would get the push first

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