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Ask WNZ: Does Lesnar-Orton Rank As A Major Match?

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As SummerSlam approaches, people are starting to talk about what the real main event is going to be. And, considering it was the first match announced, many speculate that Brock Lesnar and Randy Orton will be the final match of the night. But, does this match even feel like prior mega-matches, like even Lesnar/’Taker last year?

Dorathy Gass:

Brock Lesnar versus Randy Orton certainly does not feel anything like Brock Lesnar versus The Undertaker, however, after this week, the program is shaping up to be a pretty intense one. I think the special attraction with the Lesnar/Taker was their history together, and just how long everyone had waited for the Undertaker to extract some sort of so-called ‘revenge’ on Lesnar for breaking his streak at Wrestlemania 30. It was longed for by Taker fans, it was anticipated; the WWE Universe had waited some time for Taker to return and target Lesnar. The build up last year was incredible, and the storyline unfolded so organically.

As for Randy Orton versus Brock Lesnar: sure, these men have to work to build this program up, but things are moving along nicely. I wouldn’t be shocked or surprised if Orton versus Lesnar ended up main eventing SummerSlam this year.

John Deegan:

This one lacks the big match feel, for so many reasons. It’s hard to compare this one to Taker and Lesnar, for one excellent reason: those two had a stronger backstory and a more recent history. Not many are going to have a bigger revenge factor than ‘Taker did. So, I won’t try to compare it to that, but something on that level would be nice. It doesn’t have to have a WrestleMania sized main event, but I am sure WWE would like it to come close.

Based on RAW and SmackDown, however? I do think this one has some promise. After Monday and Tuesday, I think the anticipation for the possible main event, RAW versus SmackDown, has certainly risen.

However,if I were doing things over? This would have been an excellent time to revisit Brock Lesnar and The Wyatts, or of course just Bray. Again, there is the history-not as extensive as Undertaker, but history. And I think a Wyatt win over Lesnar could set Bray on the right path to a future ‘Mania main event.

Joseph Lisnow:

Brock Lesnar and Randy Orton are top stars in the WWE, whose paths haven’t crossed in a long time. With Orton being away for three quarters of the past year and Lesnar only appearing sporadically, this match should be one of the highest profile contests of the year. The only issue is how there’s little storyline to back their feud. Basically, both were ready to return and WWE had no major plans for either former champion; so, they were tossed into the first confirmed match for SummerSlam. It should be a great match with Lesnar going to suplex city and Orton hitting RKOs outta nowhere. I always feel the WWE Championship should close a pay per view and both title matches have the potential to steal the show. While a title should end the night, Orton and Lesnar seems a little more unpredictable and is likely what WWE will book to conclude the evening.

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