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Ask WNZ: Good Hype For Backlash?

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Very basic question, but as we are days away from Backlash, did WWE do a good enough job in hyping this first brand-specific PPV of the New Era?

Dorathy Gass:

First off, let me say as the first brand-specific pay-per-view (PPV) of the year, I’m going to give the WWE some slack on this. Do I feel they did enough to hype up Backlash in general? No, I don’t. Even some of the individual programs themselves weren’t properly built up in my opinion. However, unlike past PPVs that are given two television shows weekly to promote a PPV (via the announce team, promos, storyline build up), this time around, there was only one show as such; so the good news is, SmackDown (and maybe even RAW) probably has a lot of lessons learnt around this.

The good news is, the stories around SD Live’s Women’s title and the Tag Team Championships were solid. I’m excited about both matches, and Heath Slater continues to shine. On a downer note, I did not like the build up or story around Dean Ambrose/AJ Styles feud; there simply wasn’t enough batter between these two. The Miz and Ziggler have feuded before in the past, but again, their story and program built up was weak as well and felt like a ‘last-minute scramble’. Bray and Orton started off strong, but this past Tuesday had separate promos, instead of a face off, which I thought was an epic fail. All in all, the hype up was not there for Backlash. Still, I think (perhaps wishful thinking) that the matches themselves and the PPV will be good.

John Deegan:

For the most part? I think this one has, in terms of hype, been a dud. I don’t know if the turnaround was too fast, or the roster less built-up, or what. Take your pick. I mean, I think even the mere announcement of the brand-specific PPV was a bit low-key. But that’s in the past.

Regardless of the lack of hype for the overall card, I think there are two matches, above all others, that have been given a great storyline and a great opportunity. Those two being the Women’s Championship and Tag Team Championship. I think there will be a great deal of attention on these two.

In addition, I feel as though the WWE Championship match could, in fact should, shine. I think Ambrose and Styles have saved their best work for Sunday, and I think that has the best chance at being match of the night.

So, while the hype came up short, I think the card will make up for it.

Joseph Lisnow:

For the most part, I have to say no. I think WWE did a good job setting up the new tag team and women’s champion, but the rest of the card doesn’t have that same hype appeal. It could be that SummerSlam was only three weeks ago and that’s not enough time to build a card with proper storylines. And this was my biggest concern when the rosters were split and WWE decided to have somewhere around 19 pay per views a year. It’s simply not enough time. Looking at the six matches already booked, they should be entertaining; but, without a proper storyline many people aren’t going to care to watch. They might just read who won and if any matches steal the show, then fans will watch a replay. Plus football is back, so that should drop the number of fans watching live.

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