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Ask WNZ: Thoughts On WrestleMania 32?

Going to keep things simple. We are a week removed from the purported biggest show of the year for WWE, WrestleMania 32. What did you think of it?

Dorathy Gass:

I enjoyed it. I did feel it was a little too long, and the main event wasn’t all it could be; however all in all, I did like it. I was thoroughly impressed by all the Pre-Show matches, especially the 10-Woman Tag match; which completely exceeded my expectations. While Lana’s and Eva Marie were unimpressive, all the other women rocked it, and I loved the close. The IC ladder was incredible, and I really enjoyed the ending to that one as well; and the Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal provided an excellent (and solid) entrance into the main roster for Baron Corbin, something he deserves. HIAC provided some solid entertainment, from watching the McMahon boys (including Shane) dance their way down the ramp; to Shane’s epic leap off the top of the cell. However the highlight for me, was Lita announcing the re-brand, and the Triple Threat match; undoubtedly the best match of the night, and it was from the women of the WWE, no less.

John Deegan:

Hindsight is 20/20, they say. And with hindsight, I think WWE should have put the triple threat match last. It was the best match on the card, and it would have been another major milestone on a night with several records falling. It just would have been historic, so I see that as a missed opportunity.

That being said, the show as a whole was, I thought, better than I expected. I honestly was fearing that it would be so dull at times that I’d nod off and miss something, but that was not the case. I think things were paced well, and matches were given the time they needed. In this respect, they recovered from last year where the main event felt, and really was, rushed.

But that leads me to a point Dorathy made as well. The length. Look, I have no issue with getting a long but awesome show. Except, this show was good, not great. And it was very long. I remember as I was writing my notes for the PPV Nutshell, looking at the clock when Rock came out and I was thinking WTF is going on here. It was nearing the 11pm hour, and WWE to that point (to my knowledge) had made no statement that the show can and would run longer than the usual “over before 11″ range that has been the norm for years. With that in mind, I wouldn’t have minded seeing another match or two on the main show (carve out a minute or two per match, and you could have easily had a match off of the pre-show and onto the main card).

My other gripes? I would have liked to see every title defended (and the tag belts were not). And, while the change to the Women’s title was nice, and long overdue, what could have been done-should have been done, really-was to announce that on RAW leading into the show. I think that announcement should have been more of a big deal.

On the plus side? No really annoying mid-show “concerts”.

Joseph Lisnow:

There was no major shock this year with the overall product. People didn’t have high hopes going into the event and it showed. The pre-show was a mess and filled with matches not worthy of WrestleMania’s time. The start of the main portion is when WWE was at their hottest. That cooled and ended with the Hell in a Cell match. Triple H – Roman Reigns never clicked.

Last year, WrestleMania had one of the best installments; so WWE topping that act was tough. Looking back the entire card, it was disappointing. We wait all year for WrestleMania and a scripted show flopped. Maybe all the injuries played a factor. I’m not sure; but WWE will likely improve next year.

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  • Zack

    It reminds me a lot of WM 22. Very similar match card. Both had great women’s matches. Both had multi man ladder matches near the beginning. Some parts of the card were eh (Mark Henry vs. Undertaker, Booker T vs Boogeyman). Both had hardcore style matches (Foley vs Edge) both had matches involving the McMahons (HBK vs Vince with Shane in his corner) and both had a main event where the new 2nd year golden boy defeated a heel Triple H that the crowd wanted to cheer for. (John Cena vs. Triple H)

    I’d rank it out of 32 somewhere in the high 1s to low 10s (8-13 range)

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